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20 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need)

"20 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need)" by Jaylynn Korrell is a resource for friends and family of writers to know what to get the writer in their lives when it comes to gift-giving time. Check out the great gifts in this IBR blog post.

“20 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need)”

by Jaylynn Korrell

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Finding the right gift for the writer in your life can be daunting. You’ve already bought them their fair share of mugs, bookmarks, and other literary knick-knacks. And they already own all of their favorite books. So what else do they want?

There are so many gifts for writers that could be helpful or inspiring to their writing or their day-to-day lives. If you’re looking for a practical and useful gift for writers they’ll genuinely be happy about receiving, we’ve got the list for you!

Check out these 20 gifts for writers (that they actually need)!

#1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

There’s a good chance that the writer in your life spends most of their time looking at a screen. Writing takes time (and many many drafts), so staring at a screen while they type for hours on end can be taxing on their vision. Did you know that’s mostly due to the blue light emitted from their computers and mobile devices? Well, a pair of blue light blocking glasses is usually pretty cheap and don’t require a prescription. The writer in your life’s eyes will thank you later.

#2. Bookstore gift card

When it comes to books, everyone has specific preferences. Writers even more so. They probably already have a thriving collection of classics, awesome indies, and to be reads, so if you still want them to have more books (because they probably do, too), you can get them a gift card to their local bookstore. Barnes and Noble gift cards are easy to find in stores or online, but trying to find a cool local bookstore in the area to get a gift card from might be an even better idea. Then they can spend a day perusing the shelves and find something they really want to read. And if you’re in any of these areas, you can check out which bookstores we’d recommend you check out in Seattle, Ann Arbor, Philadelphia, and Rhode Island.

#3. Kindle Paperwhite

There’s nothing quite like handling a paperback book and turning real pages, but as we covered earlier, writers have to read on their screen very often. With Kindles, they can actually send Microsoft Word or PDF documents from their computer over to their Kindle to give them a break from the blue light that hurts their eyes. That way, they could read their book and take notes the same as if they had already published the eBook.

There a few different options when it comes to Kindles but the Kindle Paperwhite is the one I like. It’s cheaper than the newer oasis kindle by over $100, and it does everything the more expensive one does. The only difference is that it doesn’t have the page turner buttons. But we haven’t had any issues with tapping the screen to turn the page so far.

#4. Kindle Unlimited Membership

A kindle unlimited membership will give the writer in your life access to over one million eBooks as well as thousands of audiobooks. If you’ve been following us at IBR for a while, you know how much we love it when authors support one another by downloading books, writing reviews, and talking about them on social media. With a Kindle Unlimited membership, the writer in your life can download a whole lot of indie eBooks for free and help emerging authors get the recognition they deserve—not to mention that the author in your life will now have access to plenty of free books.

#5. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

The idea of a peaceful, silent writing room isn’t always realistic. Writers are not always lucky enough to write in a quiet space, because sometimes, their coffee shop gets too noisy to get their work done. You can help make it easier on them by gifting the writer in your life a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so that they can bump music and still get their writing done. And this way, it doesn’t matter how loud the holiday music is in the coffee shop.

#6. A Bottle of Writer’s Tears

This is a photograph of Writer's Tears for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

While there might be enough to go around, we’re not talking about actual writer’s tears here. We’re talking about an actual brand of whiskey that has a clever title, and could be the perfect kick to get your writer back on track, or to take the edge off after a long writing session. Alcohol in general is just a good gift to give writers. We are stressed, a lot! But if it’s called Writer’s Tears, it has a little bit of that humor element that makes gift giving special while also being a personalized, practical gift.

#7. Books about writing

If you still want to get your writer a physical book as a gift, you should consider giving them a book about writing. We know it’s difficult for everyone to know which books are the good ones, so we created this list of books about writing and publishing to help you get the exact right book for your writer. Bonus? They’re all small press and self-published books!

#8. Plan a DIY Writing Retreat

This is a photograph of a writer's cabin for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

Writers need alone time, but sometimes their office or the quiet section in their library just isn’t enough. A change of scenery can be the key ingredient to finishing that last chapter, or finding a storyline that hadn’t presented itself before. But this kind of writer’s solitude isn’t just for those who want to join in on a pre-organizaed writing retreat like Barrelhouse’s Writer Camp. Anyone devoting their life to the craft deserves it, and you can make it happen without living near a pre-organized retreat!

A few great options for independent writer retreats include a cabin in the woods, a hotel getaway, AirBnb, and more. Places like KOA have campgrounds all around America that start out at $40 a night. State and National parks can also be a great option. Their cabin and yurts are moderately priced between $30-60 and provide enough simplicity and quietude for a productive couple of days without distractions. And having it be around some beautiful scenery never hurt anybody either. Right?

#9. Purchase professional feedback

Writing is a strenuous and solitary task. When a writer sits at their computer and tries to revise, edit, revise, and edit some more, it’s possible they lose objectivity and can’t quite see what would improve their work the most.

That’s why your writer might be interested in getting feedback through editorial services. At IBR, we offer all the editing services your writer could possibly want, including big-picture feedback like group beta reading and editorial letters as well as a copy editing service to make sure their book is polished and clean.

#10. Writing Workshop

Writing workshops are a great way to get your writer’s work into the hands of other writers. In these workshops, writers will exchange work, get and give critiques, and have a community of people to work with who have the same passion as them. Some workshops last a day, some last weeks. Some are even offered online.

This is the featu

If you want to check out some organizations who offer writing workshops, head on over to 10 Literary Organizations Promoting Writing Centers, Classes, and Community.

#11. Coffee Shop Gift Card

Sometimes writers need a break from their desk. Heading to a local coffee shop can be terrific inspiration for a writer, so they can set aside specific time solely for getting their work done. Last year, I bought the writer in my life a gift card to five different local coffee shops. That way, he could bounce around to new places and discover which place he liked working in the best. It might be worth a shot to do something like that if there are plenty of coffee options in your writer’s area.

#12. Keurig Machine

Did you know that writer’s blood is made up of almost 90% coffee? Even though that’s a total lie, there’s no denying that coffee is a near necessity for writers to stay energized and ready to write. If they don’t already have one, a Keurig Machine can be a great gift for writers. And if they do already have one, you can buy them a reusable K cup filter. This helps decrease the waste that the plastic, one-time use filters create, and also gives them the opportunity to try different coffees that aren’t available in a K-cup.

#13. Tickets to a Writers’ Conference

There are tons of notable writers’ conferences in America, so chances are there is one close enough for the writer in your life to attend. The cost is one of the biggest reasons why writers don’t go more often, so buying their ticket (or pitching in) for them could be a great gift! Attending a writers’ conference could give a writer access to potential agents, a place to workshop their writing, and great networking opportunities. Writing is lonely. Help them out by putting them in a room of other writers, and this could turn into one of your writer’s favorite days of the year.

#14. Help promote their book

This is a photograph of Wild Life by Kathy Fish for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.
Wild Life: Collected Works 2003-2018 by Kathy Fish

If there is no special occasion, and you just want to make your writer happy, the gift of free publicity is priceless. Showing their book cover to your social media following, no matter how small, is really helpful to emerging authors. Helping get the word out about their writing can make a huge difference, and it is a thoughtful free gift that holds a lot of weight.

Invite your friends to their readings, place their merch (stickers, bookmarks, etc) in places that strangers will see them. Move their book to the front of a store, causally. Read up about more ways to help support indie authors here, and then get to it. This is one of the best gifts for writers that you can come up with—and it’s free!

#15. A journal or notebook

A good journal never goes out of style, but they do run out of pages. Writers need a place to empty their thoughts, and having a journal is the perfect outlet to do that. Does the writer in your life probably already have a journal? Yes. Will they need a new one in the near-ish future? Probably. This is a nice, safe gift for writers, so keep it simple with your choice and you can’t go wrong.

#16. Literary Magazines

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When writing gets tiresome, it’s nice to cozy up with a good book. But sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to read a large piece of work. Reading is essential to the writing process, and short stories are the perfect snippet to fill in a small period of free time. And if your writer works on short stories or poems, this is a great way for the writer to get to know potential places to submit. Literary magazines such as Ploughshares, American Short Fiction, and back copies of the beloved Tin House Magazine are great collections that can spark imagination for the writer in your life.

#17. Literary Movies

This is a photograph of Paterson movie for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

A literary movie can be a great and cheap gift to get your writer inspired by other writers’ life stories. As long as it has at least a literary theme, I’d say it’s a good gift for a writer. Some of our favorites are Paterson, I Am Not Your Negro, and The End of The Tour! But it might be a good idea to sneakily ask if they’ve seen it before buying it for them.

#18. Buy their book as a gift for others

These amazing indie press books include The Not Wives, Mostly Dead Things, Panic Years, and more.

Support is one of the best gifts for writers you can offer, and buying their book as a gift for others will take you to the next level of friendship (or another relationship). This not only monetarily supports the author, but it gets their words into the hands of others. If you want to present what you did in a cool way, have the people who you gave the book to take a picture with it. Wrap all of those pictures up together and present it to the author. They’ll be touched, and you’ll win the prize for most thoughtful gift of the year. You’re welcome.

#19. Writing Prompt Journal

There are ways to combat writer’s block that don’t involve running away from your desk. One of those ways is for the writer to get out of that frame of mind and focus on something totally different. A writing prompt journal will exercise their creativity while also challenging them to continue to create.

#20. Tell them about IBR

However you found this blog post, we’re pumped that you came. Did you know that in addition to promoting amazing small press and self-published books we publish content exclusively for writers? How about that we offer nearly all the author services a writer would need to publish a book? Well, you do now.

We are always searching for new readers and writers to join our community and get to celebrating indie books together. So it may not seem like a gift with a ribbon on top, but if you drop into the writer in your life’s phone or email, I’m confident they’ll love you for sending them over.

Now, you have all the tools to up your gift giving game! Buying any of these gifts for writers will be a wonderful and welcome surprise, so go on out there and get gifting. We’re sure your writer will thank you for it.

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