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50 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need) – 2023

"50 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need)" by Jaylynn Korrell is a resource for friends and family of writers to know what to get the writer in their lives when it comes to gift-giving time. Check out the great gifts in this IBR blog post.

“50 Gifts for Writers (That They Actually Need) – 2023”

by Jaylynn Korrell

50 gifts for writers

Finding the right gifts for writers in your life can be daunting.

You’ve already bought them their fair share of mugs, bookmarks, and other literary knick-knacks. And they already own all of their favorite books. So what else do they want?

There are so many gifts for writers that could be helpful or inspiring to their writing or their day-to-day lives. If you’re looking for a practical and useful gift for writers they’ll genuinely be happy about receiving, we’ve got the list for you! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for her check out some gifts for book lovers!

(Everything on IBR lists has been independently selected by a very picky group of people. We may earn a commission on items you purchase through our links.)

Check out these 50 gifts for writers (that they actually need)!

#1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

great gifts for writers

Writing takes time (and many many drafts), so staring at a screen while they type for hours on end can be taxing on their vision. Did you know that’s mostly due to the blue light emitted from their computers and mobile devices? Well, a pair of blue light blocking glasses is usually pretty cheap and don’t require a prescription. This is among the cheaper gifts for writers, and the writer in your life’s eyes will thank you later.

#2. Lap Desk

No one wants to admit that they write in bed, but if you have a writer living in your home you’ve probably walked in on them doing just that. If you want to make them feel more legit writing in bed, and put some space between them and a lot of electromagnetic frequency radiation, a lap desk is a good gift for writers. It can also make a great gift for kids who like to read in bed!

#3. Writer’s Emergency Pack

A little extra help in a time of need is one of the best gifts for writers that you can give. While you may not be able to provide that writing assistance yourself, this gift for writers can do just the trick.

#4. One Line A Day Journal

the best gifts for writers journal

Sometimes the best gifts for writers is the push to keep up the habit of writing every day. This little journal will help them to get some words out each day and keep exercising their creative muscles.

#5. Kindle Paperwhite

There’s nothing quite like handling a paperback book and turning real pages, but as we covered earlier, writers have to read on their screen very often. These are great gifts for writers and readers!

With Kindles, they can actually send Microsoft Word or PDF documents from their computer over to their Kindle to give them a break from the blue light that hurts their eyes. That way, they could read their book and take notes the same as if they had already published the eBook.

#6. Craft In the Real World by Matthew Salesses

Chosen as one of the best books our founder (Joe Walters) read in 2021! Here’s why:

Craft in the Real World breaks down what you think you know about writing craft and communicates honestly how to approach writing, editing, publishing, and workshopping books. If you’re a writer and you haven’t read this book yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice…This book is destined to be a craft book classic.”

#7. Magnetic Poetry

You never know when inspiration will strike. Often times its when we least expect it. In those cases its nice to have a literary tool on hand. These magnetic poetry pieces will fit effortlessly onto any fridge and make a great gift for writers who spend any amount of time in the kitchen.

#8. Kindle Unlimited Membership

A kindle unlimited membership will give the writer in your life access to over one million eBooks as well as thousands of audiobooks. If you’ve been following us at IBR for a while, you know how much we love it when authors support one another by downloading books, writing reviews, and talking about them on social media. With a Kindle Unlimited membership, the writer in your life can download a whole lot of indie eBooks for free and help emerging authors get the recognition they deserve—not to mention that the author in your life will now have access to plenty of free books.

#9. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

The idea of a peaceful, silent writing room isn’t always realistic. Writers are not always lucky enough to write in a quiet space, because sometimes, their coffee shop gets too noisy to get their work done. You can help make it easier on them by gifting the writer in your life a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so that they can bump music and still get their writing done. And this way, it doesn’t matter how loud the holiday music is in the coffee shop.

#10. A Bottle of Writer’s Tears

This is a photograph of Writer's Tears for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

While there might be enough to go around, we’re not talking about actual writer’s tears here. We’re talking about an actual brand of whiskey that has a clever title, and could be the perfect kick to get your writer back on track, or to take the edge off after a long writing session. Alcohol in general is just a good gift to give writers. We are stressed, a lot! But if it’s called Writer’s Tears, it has a little bit of that humor element that makes gift giving special while also being a personalized, practical gift.

#11. Books about writing

If you still want to get your writer a physical book as a gift, you should consider giving them a book about writing. We know it’s difficult for everyone to know which books are the good ones, so we created this list of books about writing and publishing to help you get the exact right book for your writer. Bonus? They’re all small press and self-published books!

#12. Neck Reading Light

Stephen King once said, “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.” And I couldn’t agree more! Writers should turn to reading when they want to encounter new ways to tell a story, new conversations, new ideas, and new inspiration. 

But that inspiration doesn’t always happen during the day. If the writer in your life loves to read in the middle of the night, a good book light will be a great gift to give them. This one sits comfortably on their neck making reading at night easier than ever!

#13. “Write On” T-shirt

It’s hard to find a good literary t shirt that isn’t completely tacky, but we’re done it. This t-shirt isn’t annoying, and is a cool way to rep what you love. It’s also in a cool typewriter font which any writer will appreciate.

Check out the best gifts for book lovers!

#14. Actually Good Pens

A good pen can make the writing process so much more enjoyable, but like many small items, good pens get lost easily. For this reason, a packet of good pens is one of the most practical gifts for writers that you can give. 

Writers are pretty much always in need of more pens (especially if you just got them that pocket notebook 👀). If you’re on a budget, they could be a smart buy. 

#15. Help Them Improve Their Writing by Hiring Beta Readers

  • Stephen statler likes ibr's group beta reading service
  • Ben Orlando says he likes the group beta reading service from ibr
  • group beta reading testimonial from marc lofgren

Writing is a strenuous and solitary task. When a writer sits at their computer and tries to revise, edit, revise, and edit some more, it’s possible they lose objectivity and can’t quite see what would improve their work the most.

That’s why your writer might be interested in getting feedback through editorial services. At IBR, we offer all the editing services your writer could possibly want, including big-picture feedback like group beta reading and editorial letters.

#16. Plan a DIY Writing Retreat

This is a photograph of a writer's cabin for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

Writers need alone time, but sometimes their office or the quiet section in their library just isn’t enough. A change of scenery can be the key ingredient to finishing that last chapter, or finding a storyline that hadn’t presented itself before. But this kind of writer’s solitude isn’t just for those who want to join in on a pre-organized writing retreat like Barrelhouse’s Writer Camp. Anyone devoting their life to the craft deserves it, and you can make it happen without living near a pre-organized retreat!

A few great options for independent writer retreats include a cabin in the woods, a hotel getaway, AirBnb, and more. Places like KOA have campgrounds all around America that start out at $40 a night. State and National parks can also be a great option. Their cabin and yurts are moderately priced between $30-60 and provide enough simplicity and quietude for a productive couple of days without distractions. And having it be around some beautiful scenery never hurt anybody either. Right?

#17. Desk Timer

Some writers work better when given a certain amount of time to write, making digital desk timers a great gift for writers. They can set the timer for the amount of time they wish to write, and not look back up until that timer goes off. It’s a healthy and inspirational writing exercise that I always recommend people trying at some point in their writing career.

#18. USB Microphone for Dictation

Writing is hard. Even when writers sit down to meet their deadline or pump out another scene in their novel, they can still be tempted to get distracted.

So why not make things a little easier for them?

With this USB microphone, writers can speak out their sentences, paragraphs, and scenes, and their word processor will translate it into text on the page for them. It’s just different enough from their usual style that it could feel like newfound inspiration. Using this device to keep getting more words on the page could be especially helpful during a time when a writer is trying to meet deadline, like NaNoWriMo.

Click here to check out some of our gifts for kids who love to read!

#19. Desk Organizer

When your space feels cluttered, your brain feels cluttered. And no matter how much they may not admit it, a little assistance with the cleaning of their workspace will be much appreciated. Desk organizers are a great way to give everything it’s own space, without taking up too much room on a writer’s desk. There are a lot out there, but I suggest keeping it basic with something made out of wood or plain in color. Gifts for writers shouldn’t be too distracting. They have more important things to focus on.

#20. Literary Candle

Candle gifts for writers

When writers are really into their work they tend to stay in their office for long periods of time. And over time that office can get…rank! Literary candles make great gifts for writers who want to stay in their office forever and have it not smell like an old shoe. This one in particular smells like a library!

#21. Pocket Notebooks

If the writer in your life isn’t a fan of writing on their phone, then a pocket notebook is a sweet little gift to give them. They’re easy to take with you, in your pocket or purse, and can help you get down ideas wherever you are. 

It’s a good option for those who like to take notes or write without drawing attention from people around them. All they have to do is pull it out of their pocket, get the thought down, and keep on moving.

#22. Writing Workshop

This is the featu

Writing workshops are a great way to get your writer’s work into the hands of other writers. In these workshops, writers will exchange work, get and give critiques, and have a community of people to work with who have the same passion as them. Some workshops last a day, some last weeks. Some are even offered online.

If you want to check out some organizations who offer writing workshops, head on over to 10 Literary Organizations Promoting Writing Centers, Classes, and Community.

#23. Coffee Shop Gift Card

gifts for writers

Sometimes writers need a break from their desk. Heading to a local coffee shop can be terrific inspiration for a writer, so they can set aside specific time solely for getting their work done. Last year, I bought the writer in my life a gift card to five different local coffee shops. That way, he could bounce around to new places and discover which place he liked working in the best. It might be worth a shot to do something like that if there are plenty of coffee options in your writer’s area.

#24. Standing Desk Attachment

This standing desk lamp is a good choice to get as gifts for writers

Sitting down all day can be exhausting, especially with everyone working from home lately. It’s nice to give writers the opportunity to switch it up, and stand comfortably while they do their work. Standing desks don’t need to replace a normal desk, but can be set on top of one and adjusted to a comfortable height for your writer. They are even said to improve posture, and boost productivity!

#25. Individual Keurig Machine


Did you know that writer’s blood is made up of almost 90% coffee? Even though that’s a total lie, there’s no denying that coffee is a near necessity for writers to stay energized and ready to write. If they don’t already have one, a Keurig Machine can be a great gift for writers. And if they do already have one, you can buy them a reusable K cup filter. This helps decrease the waste that the plastic, one-time use filters create, and also gives them the opportunity to try different coffees that aren’t available in a K-cup.

#26. Reusable K-Cup

coffee gifts for writers

If you’re going to get your writer a Keuirg, you should also get them a reusable K-cup. This handy thing is one of the most helpful gifts for writers that lets your writer use any ground coffee in their Keurig, meaning they can get some of that good fancy stuff from the shop they love instead of contributing to all of that plastic waste by only drinking the same global coffee brands. 

#27. Tickets to a Writers’ Conference

gifts for writers

There are tons of notable writers’ conferences in America, so chances are there is one close enough for the writer in your life to attend. The cost is one of the biggest reasons why writers don’t go more often, so buying their ticket (or pitching in) for them could be a great gift! Attending a writers’ conference could give a writer access to potential agents, a place to workshop their writing, and great networking opportunities. Writing is lonely. Help them out by putting them in a room of other writers, and this could turn into one of your writer’s favorite days of the year.

#28. Desk Lamp

Let’s face it, not all writing is done during the day. If you have a writer in your life you’re probably used to them extending their writing time to all hours of the day and night. This is why having a desk lamp is a must. You don’t always need the entire room lit up to get work done. A smallish desk lamp will illuminate the only thing that a writer needs to see which is the page.

#29. New Laptop

Gifts for writers

Looking to make a big splash for the writer in your life? If their laptop needs some updating, I’d definitely recommend a Macbook. Not only is it a trustworthy machine, but your writer can even use Vellum with a Mac, which is a publishing tool to help them format their book for self-publishing. It’s not available for PC.

While there are many laptops on the market, few can compete with the convenience of a Macbook. They’re long lasting, and can easily sync up with an iPhone, making it easy to read notes and documents written on either device. It’s definitely an investment, but it’s one that will pay off for years to come. 

#30. Laptop Privacy Screen

tech gifts for writers

Writing in a public place can be uncomfortable. With people sitting really close to you and walking behind you, it’s inevitable that someone will take a glance at your laptop screen. If privacy is important for you or the writer in your life, this privacy screen for laptops could be a great gift. It allows only the person sitting directly in front of the screen to see whats being written.

#31. Writing Prompt Game

fun gifts for writers

Writing doesn’t have to be so serious. In fact writing can be a sun activity that everyone can take part in. This game is one of the great gifts for writers that allows them to get their brain pumping while still being social. It’s a perfect gift for a reclusive writer who could use a little family fun.

#32. Help promote their book

If there is no special occasion and you just want to make your writer happy, the gift of promotion is priceless. Show their book cover to your social media following, no matter how small. Invite your friends to their readings. Leave a book review on Amazon and Goodreads.

You can even buy them an honest book review from IBR if you’d like! This could give the authors some extra publicity by appearing on our website and you can give them a chance to be in a year-end book list, like “The Best Books We Read This Year.” Just make the purchase at the link below, contact us using the form below the purchase button, and we’ll send you a gift certificate to share with them.

#33. Bookends

 To accommodate the ever-growing book collection that the writer in your life definitely owns, a couple of tasteful bookends could be a great gift. These sturdy book-stoppers come in all shapes and sizes, but sticking to something classic is my particular favorite. 

#34. Bookshop gift card

If you haven’t heard about Bookshop yet, you are in for a TREAT.

This bookselling ecommerce store has “a mission to financially support, local independent bookstores.” Since more people wanted to buy books online over the last decade, indie bookstores were hurting to compete with the shipping fees and delivery time that Amazon can work from. So bookstores needed an ecommerce site just to handle fulfillment.

That’s where Bookshop comes in. This non-profit organization offers indie booksellers 10% commission on every sale they close by promoting this site (compared to Amazon’s 4.5%) and even matches your 10% to send to indie bookstores across the US (and now UK).

If the writer in your life is also a ravenous reader, you can send them a gift card which allows them to choose whichever book they want to read while also supporting the exact industry they’re trying to break into. Speaking of readers, you can also look into some gifts for book lovers that might interest them.

#35. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

This one notebook can be used endlessly as the pages can be wiped away with a cloth. But don’t worry, they won’t be gone forever. Rocketbook lets you easily upload them to internet cloud services like Google Doc, Dropbox, iCloud and more so they’ll never lose their work.

#36. Literary Magazines

Photo credit:

When writing gets tiresome, it’s nice to cozy up with a good book. But sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to read a large piece of work. Reading is essential to the writing process, and short stories are the perfect snippet to fill in a small period of free time. And if your writer works on short stories or poems, this is a great way for the writer to get to know potential places to submit. Literary magazines such as Ploughshares, American Short Fiction, and back copies of the beloved Tin House Magazine are great collections that can spark imagination for the writer in your life.

#37. Under Desk Treadmill

If the writer in your life is also a multitasker then they’ll probably appreciate a gift like this one. Now they can work on the next great American novel while also staying fit. This treadmill fits conveniently under any standing desk and could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

#38. Literary Movies

This is a photograph of Paterson movie for Independent Book Review blog post 20 Gifts for Writers They actually need.

A literary movie can be a great and cheap gift to get your writer inspired by other writers’ life stories. As long as it has at least a literary theme, I’d say it’s a good gift for a writer. Some of our favorites are Paterson, American Splendor, Capote, I Am Not Your Negro, and The End of The Tour! But it might be a good idea to sneakily ask if they’ve seen it before buying it for them.

#39. Typewriter Keyboard

There’s something nostalgic about hitting the keys of a typewriter. While an actual typewriter isn’t a very practical gift anymore, a typewriter keyboard can be fun, practical, and creative. It looks cool as a decoration and might inspire the writer in the house to pump out something incredible. 

#40. Laptop Bag

Writers aren’t only writing at home. On the contrary, they’re writing at coffee shops, at libraries, at work, at the park, and almost anywhere else you can think of. And when they go to those places, they have to bring all of their things. A sturdy messenger bag is one of the most useful gifts for writers to help keep their writing supplies well organized and in place as they travel from place to place. They even have some that turn into backpacks!

#41. Buy their book as a gift for others

books are great gifts for writers
These amazing indie press books include The Not Wives, Mostly Dead Things, Panic Years, and more.

Support is one of the best gifts for writers you can offer, and buying their book as a gift for others will take you to the next level of friendship (or another relationship). This not only monetarily supports the author, but it gets their words into the hands of others. If you want to present what you did in a cool way, have the people who you gave the book to take a picture with it. Wrap all of those pictures up together and present it to the author. They’ll be touched, and you’ll win the prize for most thoughtful gift of the year. You’re welcome.

#42. Waterproof Notepad

waterproof notepad can be a good gift for writers

While some people prefer to sing in the shower, others use the time to do some of their best thinking. To help the writer in your life not miss out on their next big idea, try getting them a notepad for the shower. This way they can write down their thoughts without having to run back to their desk naked. 

#43. Writing Prompt Journal

writing prompts gifts for writers

There are ways to combat writer’s block that don’t involve running away from your desk. One of those ways is for the writer to get out of that frame of mind and focus on something totally different. A writing prompt journal is one of the best gifts for writers that will exercise their creativity while also challenging them to continue to create.

#44. Poets & Writers Magazine Subscription

If you’re looking for one single magazine that will cater specifically to writers, then look no further. Poets & Writers magazine has been around since 1970 and is the nations largest non profit organization serving creative writers currently. In their monthly issues they address topics like how to find an agent, and how to promote your own book. They also have valuable interviews with notable writers, and information on literary grants and writing competitions.

#45. Desk Chair Cushion

It’s important to be comfortable when sitting down at a desk for hours on end. That’s why having the perfect desk chair is so important. A good, supportive desk chair is one of the best gifts for writers you can give. It can help to save them from back problems down the road, and provide some extra cushiony comfort. You’d be surprised at just how thrilled a practical gift can make them.

#46. Desk Calendar

gifts for writers lists

Deadlines are important for writers, and missing them could come with some pretty big consequences. Even if they just write creatively, this an opportunity for them to give themselves goals and reminders. To help keep their schedule at the forefront of their mind, try gifting them with a desk calendar. They can keep it on their desk or hang it up on the wall beside them, and never miss a deadline again. 

#47. Scrivener Software

If the creative writer in your life doesn’t know about Scrivener yet, they are going to love you when you introduce it. It’s a terrifically helpful word-processing program that provides ways for writers to organize notes, craft characters, research, and outline. If they’re developing a novel, they’re going to love this.

#48. Temperature Controlled Mug

Okay I know we said no mugs, but this is no ordinary mug. On the contrary, this mug serves as an answer to a problem that many writers have. Room temperature coffee should be illegal, and this mug makes sure that never happens by warming drinks up on its own. It’s a great way to keep drinks at a good drinking temperature without having to make a trip to the microwave.

#49. Adjustable Standing Desk

Long hours of writing can do a number on your back. That’s why so many writers have been drawn to start writing from a standing position. This may be able to increase alertness and productivity making it one of the most useful gifts

#50. Tell them about IBR

Independent Book Reviews are great gifts for writers

However you found this blog post, we’re pumped that you came. Did you know that in addition to promoting amazing small press and self-published books we publish content exclusively for writers? How about that we offer nearly all the author services a writer would need to publish a book? Well, you do now.

We are always searching for new readers and writers to join our community and get to celebrating indie books together. So it may not seem like a gift with a ribbon on top, but if you drop into the writer in your life’s phone or email, I’m confident they’ll love you for sending them over.

Now, you have all the tools to up your gift giving game! Buying any of these gifts for writers will be a wonderful and welcome surprise, so go on out there and get gifting. We’re sure your writer will thank you for it. And if you didn’t find the gift you’re looking for, check out Gifts for Book Lovers!

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