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Get your book reviewed by Independent Book Review.

Independent Book Review has a team of reviewers dedicated to bringing small press and self-published authors into the spotlight. Upon submitting to IBR, your book cover and back cover blurb will be sent to our team of book lovers of every genre. They browse the titles as if they are in a bookstore, seeing which ones they are most interested in reading. If your book is chosen, the review will be published on our website as well as promoted on our social media platforms. Read an example of one of our book reviews here.

How to Get Your Book Reviewed

You have two options: submit for the chance of a free book review or purchase a guaranteed review through our editorial review service.

If you’d like to submit for a free book review, please click on the link below and follow the submission guidelines. Once you submit, your book will be placed alongside other small press and self-published books that are available for review. A document of the book covers and descriptions of the top 50-70 books are shown to our reviewers, and the reviewers choose among these books which they would like to read and review for free. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that your book will be reviewed, but we can guarantee that it will be considered.

Looking to guarantee a review?

If you need to guarantee a book review, please keep in mind that we also complete unpublished “Editorial Reviews” so that you can use pull-quotes on your marketing material and Amazon page. You can learn more about that service at the link below.

*Please keep in mind that we do not publish reviews for religious books and informational nonfiction (unless about writing/publishing).