21 book club gifts

21 Fun Book Club Gifts That the Whole Group Will Enjoy

Finding the perfect gifts for your book club doesn't have to be hard. This list of book club gifts has 21 great options to choose from.

21 Fun Book Club Gifts That the Whole Group Will Enjoy

by Jaylynn Korrell

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Are you in an awesome book club? Get an awesome gift!

While book club gifts aren’t expected, they can be a fun and exciting surprise for all involved. A gift is a token of your appreciation for the time that person (or persons) have dedicated to making your group so much fun.

But what kind of gifts are appropriate for gift clubs?

You know your group best, so go with your gut for sure. But to guide you there, we’re offering some suggestions! As you’ll see, we like laid-back moods, jokes, literary-themed gifts, and those related to a book you’ve all read together. Sticking to these general guidelines will definitely help you in your search for the best book club gifts.

Who do you give book club gifts to?

Almost everyone is eligible. If you’re the host of a book club, you may want to give all of the members something small. Or book club members may want to give their host a little something on the last day to say thank you.

Another fun idea is to create prizes for certain people based on their involvement. Titles like “best note taker,” “fastest reader,” or “most insightful feedback” may warrant a reward at the end of the club’s meeting period. This can give people more incentive to participate throughout the weeks, and be something to look forward to at the last meeting.

We hope you find something special on this list of best book club gifts!

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1. Bookish Thank You Cards

book club thank you cards

Nobody appreciates the feeling of reading hand-written notes like readers do. Personalize them, take time on each of your group members to show your appreciation of the ways they showed up for the group. These literary thank you cards are thoughtful, in theme, and could come with a surprise like a Bookshop gift card.

2. Novel Teas

tea book club gifts

We love Novel Teas! They’re great gifts for book lovers, and they taste great. Each tea bag has a quote from a famous author written on it, making it exciting to grab a cup of tea when reading and to remind the book club reader where they got it from.

3. Book Tracker Bookmarks

Do your members use bookmarks? Whether they’re already using them, dog-earing pages, or coming equipped with envelopes stuffed in the middle of their pages, they could probably use more bookmarks. And this one is a book tracker! One of my favorite ways to build a reading habit is to give yourself a reward, like writing the books you finish down, so this could actually help them keep reading beyond the duration of your group. The best part, they come in a pack of 50!

4. Bookshelf Ornaments

christmas book club gifts

Is your book club stopping at or approaching the holiday season? These bookshelf-inspired ornaments are cute and bookish and a great reminder of the people in your book club & the time they had.

5. Customized Initial Book Marks

Bookmarks are back! These personalizations are wonderful and small, a good opportunity for everyone in your group to notice at the same time that it’s special just for them. There are different colors & styles too!

6. Literary Pins

This honorary pin makes great book club gifts! These small bookish pins look great on purses, tote bags, and backpacks. I love it when gifts don’t take up any room and yet remain an accent to your wardrobe or item, but only for those who look closely.

7. Jane Austen Chapstick

book club gifts

Who doesn’t need an extra chapstick in their lives? These Jane Austen chapsticks are fun and small and practical all at once. Great for a literary gift basket too!

8. Literary Zipper Bags

A good quality small bag can be the perfect thing to store pens, pencils, makeup, and more. It’s quite useful and isn’t too expensive, making it a great option to get for a small to medium sized book club.

9. Book Club Wine Glass

drinking book club gifts

Imagine the shrieks when your whole group pulls out this wine glass at the same time. If your book club leans toward the spicy & scandalous side, give them this!

10. Funny Reading Socks

funny book club gifts

If you’re in a book club that doesn’t mind a little swearing, and can take a joke, these socks will make perfect book club gifts to hand out.

When giving prizes, try to think of gifts that will match the award title. A book club journal would be great for an avid reader, and a hands-free reading light would be a nice gift for someone who reads full books while their partner is snoring. Get creative with your gifts, and don’t be afraid to pair a few things together to make an epic gift basket!

11. Book Club Candle

This candle is among the more popular book club gifts–and with good reason! Candles last a good long while, and they can be great to burn while reading or while your club discusses the best books they read this year.

12. Book Club Journal

If you have a member who is known to take meticulous notes, then they might enjoy a notebook dedicated to their book club scribbles. Also great for a host who’s always writing down new book club questions.

13. Book Club T Shirt

Sometimes, the conversation gets deep. Secrets are told. Confessions are made. Someone had too many drinks. (That someone might be you!) If this sounds like your group, this funny (but pretty relevant!) shirt could be a good choice. Here are some other awesome book shirts in case you want a different style.

14. Book Club

The movie Book Club can make for great reference as to what you should and should not do to make your book club experience a memorable one. It also features an amazing talented cast of women.

15. Book Club Napkins

Fun decorations will make any book club a little more lively, and these book club napkins will do just that. They’re especially useful if you’re the host and you need to keep cleaning up members’ spills.

16. Book Club Question Cards

Keeping the conversation going can be a constant task for a book club host, so these can lighten the load. Fun question cards like these can be a great way to dive deeper into topics or ask questions you may not have considered asking before.

17. Bookshop Gift Card

What do you give a reader? The freedom to choose what they want to read! This Bookshop gift card is a great way to inspire your group to keep on enjoying the benefits of reading while supporting independent bookstores around the world.

18. Reading Journal

If you have a member who is known to read a lot, they will appreciate a gift like this. It’s nice to have a designated notebook to keep track of all the books you’ve finished in your life.

19. Hands-Free Book Light

It may not always be possible to read during the daylight hours. Many people choose to pick up their book right before they go to sleep at night, and if there is someone else in the room it can be difficult to adjust your lighting to meet both of your needs. This hands-free book light can sit comfortably on your neck while you read late into the night.

20. Handmade Page Holder

book club gifts

This little gadget is really useful, especially for new books and big books. Sometimes it can be difficult or a two-hand job to hold the full book open while reading. It’s a comfort thing, and it really works! This is a great gift to pair with something else on this list in a gift basket or gift bag.

21. Book Club Puzzle

puzzle book club gifts

Doing puzzles, like reading, is a time-consuming and rewarding activity. The bookish theme for this puzzle is colorful and of moderate difficulty, so it really could appeal to a variety of people. If you’re a host, you can even do it at the book club if you want to, allowing them to return to it when it’s conversation time instead of book discussion time.

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