Independent Book Review wants to help you discover your next favorite book and to help the authors who are writing them. Books that you’ve just got to hear about are being published by small presses and self-publishers every day, but they’re rarely on the shelves of your local bookstore. Why? Because they weren’t published by the Big Five. And you know what? We think that kind of sucks.

In April 2018, we started IBR to encourage our audience to put their trust in small press and self-published books and to feel great about reading the lesser-known authors who aren’t always getting the attention they deserve.

We publish only good reviews at IBR, despite reading many more of them, so that you can trust each new publication as a recommendation from our team. In addition to publishing reviews, blog posts, interviews, and more, we also offer literary services to help authors improve their unpublished books and to help them get their published ones into the hands of more readers.