Gifts for poets and poetry lovers

21 of the Best Gifts for Poets and Poetry Lovers

The best gifts for poets and poetry lovers will come from the heart. Check out this list from Jaylynn Korrell for some great poetic gift ideas.

“21 of the Best Gifts for Poets and Poetry Lovers – 2023”

by Jaylynn Korrell

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You can find great gifts for poets with a little help from IBR.

People who love poetry usually do so wholeheartedly. They love the subtleties, the imagery, the rhymes, the lines that stick with them for years. And then there are those who have no idea what it’s getting at.

It can be hard to find the best gifts for poets when you’re not exactly one yourself.

Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Perfect gifts for poets and poetry lovers will inspire them to create, introduce them to their new favorite poem, or bring a little more poetic vibes into their daily life. Games, decor, writing utensils, and some great books of poetry can all be found in this gift guide.

You can also find some great gifts for writers or gifts for book lovers at Independent Book Review as well.

For now, have fun roaming through the best gifts for poets and poetry lovers!

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1. Magnetic Poetry Kit

You never know when inspiration will strike, so it’s best to have your writing tools wherever you are. This little poetry magnet kit allows you to do just that, making them one of my favorite gifts for poetry lovers. With over 300 words and word fragments you can come up with endless little poems to display on your fridge. 

2. One Poem A Day Journal

gifts for poets who want to write more

Practice makes progress. A prompted poetry journal is a great way to keep moving forward with your poetry. The One Poem A Day journal encourages poets to keep on writing, and there are so many prompts that they can flip through and write what inspires them most.

3. The Best Loved Poems Collection

There are a few dozen poems that have stood the test of time, and this poetry collection gathers them all together in one place. America has been home to some truly great poets through the years, so giving this collection can make great gifts for poets and poetry lovers alike. 

4. Poetry Game

If you want to make poetry a little more fun, try out this fun poetry gift. Paint Chip Poetry is a game of color and wordplay that can get a group of friends or family together and make creating poetry a fun exercise. 

5. Creative Block

Poets will rejoice after receiving a poetry gift like this. Unlike the dreaded “Writer’s Block” that people have been gifting lately, this block helps to spark creativity through action. Rather than lamenting, poets can reach for this creative block and work their way through any writer’s block plaguing them. 

6. A Poem For Every Day of The Year

Reading poetry can be a relaxing experience, so doing it more often is a good thing. This poetry book gives your loved one a great poem to read every day, so they can add it to their routine. I like it best for reading each morning before getting out of bed.

7. A Poem for Every Night

gifts for poetry lovers at night

Speaking of routines, a poem every night is a great one to get into. It can calm and relax a poetry lover before they drift off into dreamland. Try gifting this and the book above it together to create ultimate gift for poetry lovers. 

8. Poet’s Garden Puzzle

gifts for poets that take time

This amazing puzzle features some of the most popular poets in history in a garden of abundance and lively colors. Poetry lovers will enjoy imagining themselves in this garden among the greats while they piece together all 1000 pieces.

9. Card Game

gifts for poetry lovers who like to have fun

Poetry doesn’t always have to be so serious. Sometimes it can be funny and silly, especially when playing poetry games like this one. Poetry for Neanderthals has strict rules and harsh (but hilarious) consequences. So you better bring your A game if you want to give this gift to poetry lovers. 

10. “Badass Poet” T-Shirt.

cool gifts for poets

If the poet in your life isn’t afraid to rep their profession, then this will make a great gift for them. It’s simple, cool, and the ultimate statement. 

12. Haiku Game

Who doesn’t love a good Haiku? Though simple in nature, they can be tough to produce. But this cool game makes it a bit easier by providing you with dice to roll with words on them. You can create captivating haikus with this handy set. 

13. Poet Sign

unique gifts for poets
Photo Courtesy of ezStreetSignsCom

Gifts for poets like this would look great in any home or apartment. They’ll let everyone who enters know that they’re coming into a poet’s house, and it might even prompt some interesting poetic conversations. 

14. A Journal

Giving the gift of a blank page can be the perfect choice for the poet or poetry lover in your life. It’s the gift of endless possibilities, as they can fill each page with their poetic expressions. 

15. Inspirational Book

heart Talk cleo wade

A little bit of wisdom never hurt nobody. This book by Cleo Wade proves just that. With countless rave reviews, this book aims to provide a little poetic wisdom for its readers, making it one of the best gifts for poetry lovers out there. 

16. A Classic Poet T-shirt

This shirt is a little more tame than the previous one, making it a great gift to give a more laid back poet. 

17. Modern Poetry Collection

Sugar the Blackberries is one of our favorite collections of 2021, included in our list of impressive indies here. What’s cool here is that the poet in your life may not have already read this one, and it’s a total winner. The poet in your life will look at you excitedly when they unwrap this one. Just tell them IBR says it is, “an inspiring and vivid collection of poems about life and love and beauty.”

18. Library Candle

Reading an amazing book of poetry beside a flickering candle is an experience known to many a poet. You can contribute to their next cozy reading session by gifting them a library candle. This one in particular is Edgar Allan Poe themed, making it a classic addition to any poet’s home. 

19. Feather Pen Set

old school gifts for poets

Most poets can admit to wishing they lived in a more romantic time period. Gifts for poets like this one will help to make that dream a little closer to reality. Feather pens were the primary form of writing in the old days, and this pen is created in that image. 

20. Modern Poetry Collection (#2)

Ocean Vuong is one of the most popular living poets, and his poetry collection Night Sky With Exit Wounds is something all poetry lovers should read. One or two of his books would make great gifts for poets who haven’t heard of his work yet.

21. Poetic Justice

This classic 90s film follows the story of a young poet as she finds new love. It’s a great film that, to me, has stood the test of time. Doesn’t hurt that we get to spend time with these two iconic musical artists.

We hope you found a gift you feel confident about giving the poet or poetry lover in your life. For more great literary gift lists check these out.

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