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Great Gifts for Kids Who Love to Read

"Great Gifts for Kids Who Love to Read" by Jaylynn Korrell is a literary listicle about getting great presents for kid readers and to help encourage reluctant readers to start loving reading. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell of Good Gift Lists included.

Great Gifts for Kids Who Love to Read

by Jaylynn Korrell

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Having a child that loves to read is a GIFT.

But how do you get gifts for that child?

How do you know which ones will nourish and encourage them versus the ones that will bore their socks off?

Sure, you can guess which book sounds good. (We even have a few ideas for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers!) But it’s not easy choosing the right book for them. And oftentimes, they want to be the one who’s choosing anyway, so maybe we can look elsewhere.

If you’ve run out of new and interesting ideas to give the little reader in your life, I’ve curated this list of A+ choices. These are some of the most unique and helpful gifts out there, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

In addition to appealing to kids who love to read, this gift list also can encourage your child to start loving and appreciating books for the gems they are. Cool bookends? We got ’em. Literary games? You betcha.

Take a scroll with me below. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here are some of the best gifts for kids who love to read. 

#1. Kids’ Reading Nook & Bookshelves

This reading nook is a great place for kids to both store and read their favorite books. Having a designated area for reading can give kids something to look forward to, and on top of that, it can feel like a place all their own even if its in a communal area. It makes reading easy and appealing to do–a great way to build a reading habit.

#2. Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Kindle Paperwhite Kids is a great gift for kids who love to read

Kids who love to read will be PUMPED to find out that there’s a Kindle just for them. If you have a tike who’s hauling all of their books with them on car rides, this would be an excellent substitution. This way, they can bring all their books with them in one device. And another thing I love about Kindles is that you don’t have to worry about blue light (like that which emits from tablets and smart phones) from affecting their vision.

#3. Reading Log

When your child is an avid reader, it can become difficult to keep track of all the books they’ve read. But they want to! It’s a sense of pride as well as a way to remember the titles of the books that impacted them the most. It can be a great resource to look back on later in life, too! 

#4. Wonderbly Personalized Books

What’s more exciting than realizing you’re the main character of the story you’re reading?

With Wonderbly, you can create a personalized book for your little one that puts them at the front and center of the story. There are tons of stories to choose from, and you can even help to design the character to look like them. Great as a baby shower gift too!

#5. Reading Chair

Being comfortable when reading can make diving into a new book a whole lot easier. Find something cozy, like this chair, so that your child will WANT to retreat to their favorite spot to read.

#6. Harry Potter Collection

Okay, okay, so I know that I said in the intro that you might not want to buy books for the kid you know that loves to read, but…

If they haven’t read Harry Potter…

It’s time for them to start! Here’s the full collection because it’s quite a statement gift, but you can buy them the first book to get started or even get an illustrated one for those who love graphic novels and illustrated books.

#7. Kids’ Book Scratch-Off Poster

It’s fun to cover the classics, and it’s even more fun/inspiring to have an interactive visual to keep track of it.

This poster allows kids to scratch off some of the most popular kids books they’ve finished. And I know I mentioned it already–but giving kids incentive to read like this–and a fulfilling activity like scratching off a book cover–can help your kid turn into a book lover.

#8. A Fun Place to Read Outside

You can bring a little magic to the outdoors with this hanging tree tent. Hang it from a tree or a canopy to create a cozy environment to read in when your kids are outside. It even comes with LED lights to light up the night with some nighttime reading. 

#9. Book Letters

Book Letters are a great gift for kids who love to read. Here are all of them.

Literary decorations are a fun way to bring the idea of reading into their personal space. With these fun book letters you can spell out their name while giving a nod to one of their favorite activities. Pretty cool!

#10. Booklight

Reading in the dark is easier than ever with this handy & kid-friendly booklight. It attaches right onto your child’s current book, and gives them just enough light to keep turning the page without illuminating their whole room. Reading at night is a terrific way to transition into sleepytime, especially as an alternative to a smart device. This helps with that.

#11. Illustory Book Making Kit

This fun kit is a great gift for kids who love to read! It lets them create their very own book, and the options inside it are truly amazing. This version also comes with a writing guide that helps your child take all the necessary steps to writing, illustrating, and potentially publishing their book.

#12. Their Own Bookshelf

Having their own space to put books can be a big reason why kids read so often. And this bookshelf displays books cover-front, which is an enticing way to draw them over to pick up their copy. Make it easy, and they have a better chance of making it a regular part of their lives.

#13. Appleletters (Bananagrams for Kids!)

This game for kid book lovers benefits the whole family! Anyone who can spell can enjoy searching their brain for the perfect word to help them win this game in record time. Kids who love to read are going to be proud to succeed in this game.

#14. Out of Print: Book Shirts, Totes, & Socks

T-shirts, tote bags, socks, you name it–Out of Print’s probably got it! I love this company. They’ve got great graphic tees of some of my literary favorites, and the quality is excellent. Would be a great place to start if you’re searching for gifts for kid readers.

#15. Desk Book Stand

A desk book stand is a great gift for kids who love to read, as they can prop open their big books easily.

Prop this desk book stand up on your child’s desk, and they’ve got a smooth enticing place to put their big hardcover books or Kindles. This would be a great choice for kids’ dictionaries, textbooks about Space & Nature, and other books they feel drawn to just by looking at. What a good way to read one chapter at a time!

#16. Children’s Dictionary

Speaking of…a kids dictionary is one of the best gifts for kids who love to read! Inquisitive children have a LOT of questions, and if they have their very own kid-friendly dictionary, they can find the answers themselves.

#17. Kid Bookends

Aren’t these cute?! Fun bookends are a great way to keep kids’ books looking tidy on a bookshelf. If your little one doesn’t quite have the collection to warrant their own personal bookshelf, these bookends help mark their specific section in your home book collection.

#18. Corner Creature Bookmarks

These origami bookmarks require your little reader to get creative and to use their hands to create the cutest bookmarks for their next reading adventure. 

#19. Alilo Reading Pen for Kids

Great for kids between 2 and 6 years old, this pen actually helps your child learn to read. It can be funny too! Show your kids early on that there are fun ways to read, even if it can be a little difficult sometimes.

#20. National Geographic Kids Subscription

For kids whose minds are always wondering! A subscription to this kid’s version of National Geographic can be the perfect gift for kids who love to read. With it, they’ll receive a monthly edition that will certainly help to expand their minds and their vocabulary. 

I loved these gifts the most, but I’m sure I missed out on a few. Which gifts for kids who love to read would you add to the list?

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