The best gifts for English Teachers

The Best Gifts for English Teachers

"The Best Gifts for English Teachers" by Jaylynn Korrell is a gift list specifically curated for students, friends, and family to give the teacher in their life something they appreciate.

The Best Gifts for English Teachers

by Jaylynn Korrell

The best gifts for English teachers

What are the best gifts for English teachers?

A gift is a token of your appreciation. A display of gratitude. A thoughtful gesture for the person responsible for nurturing your love of books and language. No matter if you’re a student or a family member or friend of the coolest English teacher you know, there’s a gift on this list for you.

But finding great gifts for English teachers can be tricky.

What can you get them that they’ll be genuinely excited about?

With so many students, it’s likely that they receive a lot of the same things. The best gifts for English teachers break the mold and/or provide them with exactly what they need. We’re getting creative with this list, and we think the teacher in your life will appreciate it.

If you can’t find anything on this list that speaks to you (which I doubt!), here are a couple more options: gifts for writers or gifts for book lovers.

Have fun roaming through the best gifts for English teachers on the internet!

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1. Custom Library Stamp

One of the best ways to build a reading habit is to make it easy on the reader. That’s why English teachers love (the idea of) sharing their books.

Only problem is…kids keep stealing them! (Or forgetting where they came from.)

That’s why this custom library stamp is so useful. The stamps remind those who borrowed that they should give it back and who they should give it back to.

2. Book Tissue Holder

useful gifts for English teachers tissue box

You cannot go without tissues in a classroom. This bookish tissue box holder fits comfortably on top of a standard tissue box and will give the classroom some literary pizzazz.

3. Funny Punctuation T-Shirt

t-shirt that has a comma saying "Wait," and a question mark saying "What" as a gift for english teachers

English teachers love themselves some good punctuation-based humor! If you know of a teacher who is a stickler about grammar, they’ll get a good laugh from this one.

4. Novel Teas

These novel tea bags make great gifts for English teachers who enjoy a hot beverage during the school day. Each comes with a famous literary quote that may give them inspiration for the day to come.

5. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Having a few bandages on hand is a smart idea in any classroom. These bandages keep with a literary theme but also come with a funny insult. They’re probably best suited for high school English teachers or professors.

6. Literary Socks

I love these socks for English teachers who like to show off! They feature the names of classic and popular novels (an English teacher’s forte!), and they have a sleek black and white design.

7. Book-Themed Desk Organizer

A little bit of desk organization never hurt anyone, but especially teachers! This bookish organizer could be good for teachers who like to give out pens, bookmarks, and more, or just have a jumbled pen drawer that needs cleaning up.

8. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Does the English teacher in your life use a Kindle? They will LOVE Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service that gives them access to thousands of free eBooks. You can gift them a kindle unlimited subscription in monthly increments so you can give just a month or up to a year of access.

9. Jane Austen Coaster Set

This coaster set is the kind of gift you keep forever, and it’s a fun nod to one of the most notable writers in history. Each features the title of one of Jane Austen’s popular novels and would look great under any mug. Great for your coffee & tea drinking teachers.

10. Bananagrams

fun gifts for english teachers

This game is…awesome! And what a cool excuse to bring a fast-paced game into the classroom. Teachers will love having it on hand in case they want something fun that encourages a mastery of words, spelling, and creativity.

11. Magnetic Poetry Kit

English teachers love magnetic poetry kits because they stick on most whiteboards, and it gives their students an excuse to be creative with words and word placement. (Just like poets do!) Some students will make it a habit to try their hand at the poetry board before class starts, or the teacher can make a game out of it during class time.

12. Book Stack Christmas Ornament

Is it holiday time? Check out this book-themed ornament! This cute & tiny token of your appreciation will make them proud to add it to their Christmas tree.

13. Coffee Mug

Find me an English teacher who doesn’t love Poe, I dare you. This punny Poe mug would be a great choice for teachers who appreciate the master of the macabre.

14. Thoughtful Bookmark

Bookmarks make great gifts for English teachers, especially ones with a strong message like this. The impact that teachers have on the lives of children is immense, and they’ll be happy to be reminded of your appreciation.

15. Floral Pop-Up Card

floral gifts for english teachers

If you like the idea of giving flowers to your favorite English teacher but hate their short-lived nature, then we have the perfect alternative. This lively paper bouquet is a delightful way to give the gift of flowers that can last on display for the whole school year.

16. Personal Label Maker

A good label maker is a tool that many teachers can’t live without. This one is compact, stylish, and will help make classroom organization a whole lot easier.

17. Literary Poster

classroom gifts for english teachers

Keeping the classroom a positive atmosphere is made much easier with cool posters like this one. Your English teacher will be excited to hang this poster up in the classroom, especially because it communicates everyday that reading more books makes you smarter.

18. Literary Tote Bag

useful gifts for English teachers

A good tote bag can be used for countless things. Your English teacher can fill it with books, schoolwork, lunch, and much more. Teachers need bags. Help make theirs a cool one.

19. Feather Pen Set

Any lover of literature will appreciate the old-school nature of a quill pen. It used to be the most popular tool to write with, and owning one will give English teachers a nostalgic feeling. When they teach centuries-old writers, this can be a fun hands-on learning exercise too.

20. Teacher’s Candle

English teachers are always looking for cozy ways to set the atmosphere with in-class reading. They can do this with a signature smell–and it helps that this vanilla one is pretty delightful!

Which gifts for English teachers did we leave off? Let me know in the comments! We’re always looking for the best products for our gift lists.

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