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27 Gifts for Librarians That They Will Adore

Looking for the perfect gift for a librarian? Our Gifts for Librarians list has dozens of ideas for you to choose from.

27 Gifts for Librarians That They Will Adore

by Jaylynn Korrell

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Where can you find meaningful gifts for librarians?

Some of my earliest literary memories involve librarians. Whether it was my weekly kindergarten walk to story-time or the exciting day that i was issued my first official library card, I can’t forget the impact librarians had on me. For many, they are the first real introduction to the wonderful world of books.

But finding the best gifts for librarians can feel like a tall order.

Luckily, we’ve got your back.

The best gifts for librarians are ones that they can keep forever, display in their workplace, or just remind them of their love of literature. We’ve found incredibly useful gifts, unique gifts, and even fashionable options that can help you choose the best thing for the special librarian in your life.

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Here are some of the best gifts for librarians you will find.

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1. Library Card Socks

cozy gifts for librarians

Can you ever have too many socks? These comfy feet-companions pay tribute to the due date card often seen in the backs on library books, and they’re one of those special, “Guess what I’m wearing,” kind of quiet library surprises that librarians love.

2. Book Tissue Box Cover

Whether they’re looking to spice up their home or their desk area, gifts for librarians like this one are sure to do the trick. Standard disposable tissue boxes fit well underneath this book-themed tissue box cover, and they give a literary feel to any common space.

3. Literary Candle

functional gifts for librarians

A candle is a gift that most librarians will find use for, but it’s made even more special with a notable writer’s quote on its surface. This candle is called the library scent and features wise words from Edgar Allan Poe.

4. Library Due Date Card Mug

gifts for librarians

Librarians love to drink hot beverages throughout the day, and what better mug to drink out of than this library-themed one? This mug resembles a traditional due date card and is one of those gifts for librarians that will get a lot of use.

5. Neck Reading Light

reading gifts for librarians

Reading at night can be a difficult task without the right equipment. This handy neck reading light allows people to continue reading without having to hold up a flashlight under the covers. It allows for a seamless handsfree reading experience at any hour.

6. Literary Pins

These fun book pins look great attached to work bags, purses, backpacks, or even clothing. The options are endless, as these pins will elevate any surface they’re attached to.

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7. Novel Teas

edible gifts for librarians

Tea lovers will rejoice at receiving a gift like this! It’s probably the tastiest option for people who love and read a lot of books.

8. Book Scarf

clothing gifts for librarians

Librarians can keep cozy with a fashionable infinity scarf such as this. This one in particular features a plethora of books to help them rep their favorite hobby.

9. Reading Journal

Gifts for librarians can be hard to come up with, but this one is something that nearly all librarians will use. This reading journal will give them a designated space to jot down every title they finish and keep a good account of their reading accomplishments.

10. Audible Membership

There isn’t always time to cozy up with a good book, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the words on the page. Audiobooks are the BEST way to make use to the times that you can’t physically read, such as driving to and from work or doing activities that require your hands. I personally love it when doing dishes and cleaning! An audible subscription will make a great gift for librarians who enjoy hearing stories.

Try a 30 day Audible Free Trial to see how you like listening to audio books!

11. Book-Themed Canvas Pouch

This bookish canvas pouch and others like it would make great gifts for librarians who like to keep things their stationary organized. It’s a great option to hold loose pens, pencils, snacks, and other odds and ends.

12. Book Stack Earrings

jewelry gifts for librarians

Looking for something a little quirky to get the librarian in your life? Look no further than these fun book stack earrings. They’re a cute and small token of your appreciation that are more than appropriate for them to wear to work.

13. Shakespeare Mints

edible gifts for librarians

If you’re looking to give a small token of your appreciation or filling a gift bag or stocking for a librarian, these cool mints are definitely the way to go. Featuring Shakespeare on the cover, these Shakespearmints are a funny gift your librarian can enjoy and use after too many cups of coffee.

14. Personalized Library Stamp

Help make your librarian’s personal library just a little more memorable with this personalized stamp. This stamp can be customized to say your librarians name and stamped on the back of all of their treasured books.

15. Library Tote Bag

Tote bags are gifts that keep on giving. They can be used to tote around countless things like books, groceries, workout gear, and more. This one in particular features the popular library due date pattern featured on some of the gifts mentioned above, and I’d be hard-pressed to find a librarian who doesn’t use it.

16. Card Catalogue with Notecards

These note cards come with the timeless card catalogue box and can give a vintage feel to any librarian’s desk. You’ll be surprised how often they end up using it.

17. Library Jigsaw Puzzle

challenging gifts for librarians

A good jigsaw puzzle challenges the mind, which is something many librarians would be interested in. This one in particular features two images (it’s double sided!) making it a great challenge for any library lover.

18. Thoughtful Bookmark

One of the more sentimental gifts on this list is a a special bookmark reminding your librarian of the impact they’ve made on you. This is a great gift to allow your children to give to their school librarian for the holidays or the end of the year.

19. Library Coaster Set

Tea, coffee, and books go hand in hand, which is why this library coaster set is a great gift for librarians. It come with a set of coasters that would complement any mug.

20. Quotation Stud Earrings

These little quotation stud earrings are great gifts for librarians who are a little more subtle. They’re simple, and would pair well with one of the shirts listed below.

21. “Support Your Local Library” T Shirt

Speaking of shirts, there may not be a literary t-shirt more perfect for librarians than this one here. It sports a meaningful message and is also visually appealing, making it great for librarians who like to dress casually.

You might find more ideas for great gifts for librarians on some of our other literary gift lists!

22. Personalized Library Kit

creative gifts for librarians

It’s a bit of a given to assume that librarians are book lovers, and some of the greatest gifts for book lovers help them organize their own personal libraries. This personal library kit will assist them in lending their own books to friends and families, and ensuring that they get returned.

23. Book-Themed Pencil Holder

If you’re looking to liven up the desk of your local librarian, this book-themed pen and pencil holder will do the trick. It’s a great way to encourage organization and keep with the literary theme of their workplace.

24. Classic Book Handbag

A fashionable librarian will lose their cool after receiving this gift. Featuring the classic Pride and Prejudice book cover, it’s a purse they can be proud to be carrying. A good conversation starter too!

25. “The Reader” T Shirt

fashionable gifts for librarians

What a lovely toned-down t-shirt for librarians who like to keep it light and bookish. It comes in different colors and would make the perfect addition to any librarian’s closet, but I admit–I do love this blue one!

26. Coffee Tumbler

Keeping drinks warm all day won’t be a problem with a good insulated mug by your side. This bookshelf mug would make a great and useful present to give to a librarian.

27. “Bookmarks are for Quitters” Mug

There are a million mug and drinkware options you can give as gifts for librarians, but this one is one of the most popular and might have the best phrase on it. If your librarian is known to always have a good book in their hand, they’ll appreciate this gift.

Happy librarian gift giving! Want to pick out a book for them too? Here are the best books we read in 2022!

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