15 Small Bookshelf Ideas for Tight Spaces & More Books

The best small bookshelf ideas on the internet can be found on this list! We've curated some great options for you to use in tight spaces.

15 Small Bookshelf Ideas for Tight Spaces & More Books

by Jaylynn McClendon

Looking for a great small bookshelf?

Not every room requires a massive book display. Your library does, or whatever you call the coolest room in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have books in other places.

Bedrooms, spare rooms, kitchens, and offices are all excellent places to put a smaller bookshelf to house specific genres, new purchases, and gently-used favorites. Small bookshelves are also great if you’re living in a small space. And believe me, i know a thing or two about living in small spaces.

When you’re a book lover with a passion for reading & buying books in a studio apartment, you have to stop stacking books on your desk and get the best small bookshelf.

Ready to add to the literary vibe of your home or office? Here are some small bookshelves that we love.

Are any of these 15 small bookshelves the one for you?

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  1. 3-Tiered Wooden/Industrial Bookshelf
industrial small bookshelf

We love this small bookshelf! It combines modern and industrial design, meaning it looks great AND proves to be versatile. This image features a lot of extra stuff, which you can definitely do with gemstones, plants, and more, but I like it most because it can store a good amount of books, it doesn’t need bookends, and it looks great on wooden floors.

  1. Small Geometric Bookshelf

This little bookshelf can really add some literary pizzazz to a room! It looks great on nightstands or coffee tables, and it’s perfect for those few books that you want to draw extra attention to.

  1. Classic 3-Tiered Wooden Bookshelf
a classic small bookshelf for your home

This is a smaller version of the most classic bookshelf on the internet. It looks just like it, but it has three shelves instead of 7-9. Its sophisticated wooden look makes a good place to place any genre of book, but I think a shelf full of classics would be most dreamy here.

  1. Rotating Circular Wooden Bookshelf
rotating small bookshelf

There’s something about a rotating bookshelf that just makes you want to pick up every book. This one is at a great low height and doesn’t take up much space horizontally either, so it’s a great option to double as a side table.

  1. Funky Wooden/Industrial Bookshelf

Looking for something a little funky? This bookcase doesn’t hold a huge amount of books, but it looks great & unique in offices, bedrooms, and bigger bathrooms when you need a few standout books by your side. Like this with wooden floors too!

  1. White Bookshelf with Lattice
white small bookshelf

We love this white bookcase as an outdoor book storing solution or as a kid’s bookshelf. It’s thin, lightweight, and the lattice on the sides gives it a different vibe than some of the other shelving options.

  1. Desktop Book Stand
very small bookshelf ideas

And the award for smallest bookshelf on this list goes to…

This tidy little shelf works great on desks, dressers, and side tables. Those who are prone to using books for research will get a lot out of this one, but it’s also for those who want a small collection of options for your varied nighttime reading.

  1. Hanging Bookshelf

When you really want to save space, look up! Elevate the eye-levels in your room and bookify your space with books on the walls. These hanging bookshelves are a great way to keep your books on display without taking up ANY floor space.

  1. Small White Bookshelf
plain white small bookshelf

This small white bookcase is among the most popular bookshelves on the internet. Your books will stand out on this shelf, and you have plenty of options to decorate it and make it your own.

  1. Interesting Hanging Bookshelf
hanging small bookshelf

This is the most unique small bookshelf I found! Rather than setting your books on the shelf, this display allows you to hang just a few. It’s a conversation piece and thus a great spot to put your favorite or most talked-about books.

  1. Long Wooden Book Display

Each room is different. Each person’s perfect bookshelf is different. If you’re looking for a small bookshelf that’s more short than skinny, this long wooden one is an awesome choice. It’s great for rooms with low head-space like an attic loft, and you can fit an impressive amount of books in it.

  1. Wooden Bookshelf

This simple, 34-inch bookshelf is versatile and sleek. I love the openings on the side so that you can see portions of the end-covers even when their spines are showing in the front. It can squeeze between tight spaces and do an efficient job of displaying a good amount of books.

  1. Collapsing Bookshelf
collapsing small bookshelf

Looking for a bookcase that gives you a little flexibility? This collapsing bookshelf can do just that. It’s a great option if you want to move your book display from room to room often, or if you only want to have it up for certain occasions or times of the year. It also fits neatly into corners if you want it to stick around all year.

  1. Standing Bookshelf

This slightly taller standing bookcase is a great way to store a decent amount of books without taking up too much horizontal space. It helps that it has this cool tree design with even more storage space underneath too.

  1. Small Metal Bookshelf
small bookshelf ideas for your living space

If you’re metalhead, this small shelf is an excellent option. It has a simple metal design and gives an industrial look that looks great in the right spaces.

Hopefully at least one of these bookshelves stuck out to you! Be sure to check out our other bookshelf blogs like our favorite cheap bookshelves and bookshelves for kids.

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