Meet the Team

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Joe Walters founded Independent Book Review in April 2018. During his time as the marketing and publicity director at a small press in Oregon, he discovered how difficult it was for small press and self-published books to get the attention they deserved. So he hopped on the internet, came up with a name, got confused for a million straight hours, and made Independent Book Review happen. He manages the acquisitions, services, and publication departments here. In addition to his work here, he is the blurb/metadata specialist and book review targeter at Paper Raven Books, and he tweets @joewalters13. Check out his favorite IBR publication:Book Review: Panic Years.

Creative Director

Jaylynn Korrell is in charge of basically everything that looks good on the website. She takes the photographs, designs the blog photos, and manages the IBR Instagram page. She writes book reviews and blog posts for the website, too. She reads all genres but is drawn to books with a strong female lead. In her spare time she likes to play board games and take road trips around America. Find her on social media @Jaylynnkorrell. Check out her favorite IBR publication: Ten Awesome Indie Presses You Should Know About.


Liam Anthony – Currently reading Ain’t I A Diva? by Kevin Allred; Most recent publication: “Book Review: Psychopomps”

Helen Barnes – Most recent publication: “Book Review: Farewell Olympus

Stan Rastogi Currently reading The Last Thing I’ll Ever Write (Part One) by Adam Lauver; Most recent publication: “Book Review: Girl & the Fox Pirate

R. Read Most recent publication: “Book Review: Crisis Desserted

Sean Alan ClearyCurrently reading Flies in the Punch Bowl by Erika Simms; most recent publication: “Stories About My Punk Rock Buick: Tyler Barton’s The Quiet Part Loud

Jack MessengerMost recent publication:Book Review: What Stella Sees

Celia MorrisCurrently reading The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel

Joshua BlighCurrently reading The Perfect Man and Other Stories of the Supernatural by Alexander Smith; Most recent publication: “Book Review: Arid Dreams”

Caitlin Roat – Currently reading 720 Heartbeats by Jaka Tomc

Steph Huddleston – Currently reading Karma Wears Versace by Rod Palmer

Rosa Kumar – Currently reading Bottled Goods by Sophie Van Llewyn

IBR Beta Readers

Joe Walters – see above

Jaylynn McClendon – see above

CJ Fairhart- CJ Fairhart has been a freelance editor and beta reader for the past seven years. She reads widely, always searching for new ways to improve her own writing craft. You can learn more about her reading and writing tastes over on her Instagram.

Alexander Smith – In addition to his professional copywriting work, Smith’s creative writing has appeared in places like the “City & Sea” anthology, The Creative Writing Outloud Podcast, and in 2015, he published a poetry collection called For Poets Must Love. He loves to talk writing and reading over on Twitter.

Sarah Mae Sutton- Sarah Mae Sutton’s passion for writing stems from a life-long obsession with reading. She loves discovering new authors, and for the past 9 months, she’s been helping improve their manuscripts through beta reading and editing. Check out some of her words on Twitter.