Meet the Team

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Joe Walters IBR founder

Joe Walters founded Independent Book Review in April 2018. During his time as the marketing and publicity director at a small press in Oregon, he discovered how difficult it was for small press and self-published books to get the attention they deserved. So he hopped on the internet, came up with a name, got confused for a million straight hours, and made Independent Book Review happen. He manages the acquisitions, services, and publication departments here. In addition to his IBR work, he has been a marketer for Sunbury Press, Paper Raven Books, and Inkwater Press. He tweets @joewalters13. Check out his favorite IBR publication: 10 Ways to Support Indie Authors or watch a YouTube interview here.

Creative Director & Senior Reviewer

Jaylynn Korrell has been writing reviews and blog posts for IBR since the beginning. She takes the photographs and manages the IBR Instagram page too. She reads all genres but is drawn to books with a strong female lead. In her spare time, she likes to play board games and take road trips around America. Find her on social media @Jaylynnkorrell, or check out her favorite IBR publication: Ten Awesome Indie Presses You Should Know About.


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