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15 Kids Bookshelf Ideas for Young Readers

This list includes 15 kids bookshelf ideas that are sure to get your young reader reading. Check it out for recommendations of small kids bookshelves, tall shelves, rocketship shelves, and more.

15 Kids Bookshelf Ideas for Young Readers

by Jaylynn Korrell

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Looking for the perfect kids bookshelf? You’ve got some options.

I love reading to my daughter. It’s our time to cuddle, to meet new silly characters, to revisit old ones, to giggle, to ask and to answer questions. As a parent who loves to read, I relish the opportunity to instill the love of reading in her. If she turns out to be a kid who loves to read on her own, I’ll be a parent who will love to read next to her. (Or sleep!)

If you’re a book lover with children, you are probably more than willing to share your shelf space with them. But as the books add up, it’ll be time to get your shelf back. It’s for her own kids bookshelf.

Luckily there are some great kids bookshelves to choose from!

The best one for your kid will depend on the layout of your space and your primary display goals. Do you want one that can fit hundreds of books? A small one that can save space AND inspire them to read more instead of look at their screens?

Here are some of the coolest kids bookshelf ideas on the internet!

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  1. 4-Sling Bookshelf With Storage Boxes

There’s a reason why bookstores often show children’s books facing outward! It’s much easier to get drawn into an eye-catching cover than its slim spine. That (and more!) is why I love bookshelves like these for kids. It also has a lot of storage options so you can tuck a few books away while highlighting others.

  1. Wooden Floating Shelves

These compact floating bookshelves are a great to save floor space while keeping books on display! You can put them at the child’s height so it’s inviting and easy to grab, or you can put them up higher to give your room some lift.

  1. Space-Themed Bookshelf with Toy Storage

If you want your kids bookshelf to encourage their imagination, look no further than this fun spaceship bookshelf. It has cool graphics on it but still keeps books as the primary focus.

  1. Small Rotating Bookshelf

Um, hello! How cool is this small rotating shelf? Kids can rotate it to find the books they’re most excited about, and it can go in discreet and tighter locations. When your little one is out of board book age, you can even keep this small shelf for specialized big books like Slow Down.

  1. Bookshelf with Multicolored Fabric Shelves
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This simple magazine-style bookshelf is a great starter kids bookshelf, especially for really young kids. The colors will draw them to the shelf, and the fabric sleeves will be a safe option for when they inevitably start to pull at the books.

It’s also one of the best cheap bookshelves on this list, so you won’t have to worry too much if they accidentally paint on it or do one of the other messy things they do with it.

  1. Cubby Bookshelf With Reading Nook Seating
kids bookshelf with reading nook

If you want to show your child that reading can be enjoyed while cozy and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with a bookshelf like this. While it’s one of the benefits of reading that you can read anywhere, it’s encourage to have a little space they can call your own. This kids bookshelf also comes with room to put books of all sizes around its seating area.

  1. Wooden House Style Rotating Bookshelf
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What doesn’t this creatively designed bookshelf do! It features a main compartment that can fit a wide variety of big and small books stacked beside each other, and then on the side it has sections for you to feature books facing outward. And to top it all off, it rotates AND looks like a house.

  1. Classic Wooden 5-Shelf Bookshelf
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This wooden bookshelf is a classic for a reason. The simple yet efficient design gives the books the opportunity to shine. While it won’t house a full library of children’s books, it’s a great display option to complement your collection or go in a different room.

  1. Kids Bookshelf With Montessori Alphabet

This bookshelf is a good option for those looking to inspire learning at every turn. All the letters of the alphabet are put on display with vowels given a different color than the rest. When your kid starts recognizing certain letters, they’ll love testing themselves on the rest.

  1. Cloud Bookshelf with Wheels

This little cloud bookshelf is a great option for toddlers. It gives them good access to their books at their little height, and it even features a hanger for them to hang a backpack, book shirt, or raincoat for when it’s time jump in muddy puddles. It also comes on wheels if they like the freedom to roll things around. (Or, you can leave those in the bag).

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  1. Spaceship-Themed Bookshelf with Storage
spaceship themed kids bookshelf

Let your chapter-book & early-middle-grade reader blast off into the best books with this vibrant, gender neutral bookshelf. It’s got some book & extra storage too.

  1. White Metal Bookshelf

Most of the shelves I’ve featured here are made of wood, so this metal one really stands out. It has outward facing book storage, and it is a bit easier to clean than some of the others.

  1. Tall Book Display Shelf
tall kids bookshelf

I love a good tall bookshelf! This one is great for kids who have a lot of large books they want to display. Put it in your kids’ room, and they’re going to have a hard time not going over to it.

  1. Long Wooden Floating Bookshelf
great kids bookshelf ideas

While some people like the simplicity of the smaller hanging bookshelves, it’s just a fact that they don’t hold that many books. If you’ve got more books that you want to display but also want to save space by putting them on the walls, then these slightly longer hanging bookshelves are for you.

  1. Tall Rotating Tower Bookshelf

Is your bookshelf expanding and you don’t want it to stop? Put this tall bookshelf to use! It has plenty of room to hold a lot of books, it spins, and it gives you the opportunity to put something cool on top of it like a single book, a lamp, or a hanging plant of some sort.

I hope you found at least one kids bookshelf that caught your eye! If you’re raising a little reader, don’t forget to check out our gifts for kids who love to read!

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