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Book Review: Two Lists

TWO LISTS by Thomas J. Thorson is a novel of deadly puzzles where you can unravel a killer’s twisted game. Check out what Tomi Alo has to say in her book review of this indie mystery.

Two Lists

by Thomas J. Thorson

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

ISBN: 9781735836669

Print Length: 288 pages

Reviewed by Tomi Alo

Unravel a killer’s twisted game in this novel of deadly puzzles

Two Lists by Thomas J. Thorson follows retired secret crime investigators Vinn and Malcom as they are pulled back into the dangerous world of crime solving. In its whole, the book explores the theme of justice and how far one is willing to go to achieve it, even if it means breaking the law.

Vinn and Malcom are supposed to be focusing solely on their teaching jobs. No more extracurricular crime solving for them. But their retirement is cut short after Dr. Sanders, Vinn’s boss, asks for their expertise to solve his brother-in-law’s death. This case, however, proves to be more complicated than they thought. 

With no leads, no evidence, and no connection, finding the killer seems less likely with each passing day. Things get even more complicated as more dead bodies turn up. Each crime scene is more grim than the last, looking so similar yet different. It begs the question of whether a serial killer is on the loose or if a group of psychopaths is playing a sick, twisted game. 

Soon Vinn and Malcom realize they will have to take matters into their own hands, which may likely be outside of the traditional framework of the law, as they are in a race against time to save someone they care about from becoming the next victim. Will Vinn and Malcom be able to save their friend in time? Will they be able to avoid the danger that comes with this case? Or will the murderer walk scot-free? 

Thorson’s creativity shines with this challenging crime puzzle of a novel. His writing style engages constantly with a focus on the inner thoughts and emotions of his characters. Thorson creates a sense of urgency and excitement through fast-paced action and sharp dialogue, while also taking the time to develop the characters and their relationships. 

One standout aspect of Two Lists is the way in which the characters use their wit, experience, and ingenuity to solve the crimes. The two-lists theory that Vinn and Malcom use is both creative and effective. 

My favorite character has to be Malcom. Even though he feels a little inferior to Vinn, he is smart and clever on his own too. Many times, his creativity is a beacon in solving this jigsaw of a crime case.

“Even as sleepy as she is tonight, Vinn working at twenty-five percent intellectual capacity would still exceed my own abilities working at full tilt. I only make the effort in the hope that something immediately clicks in my mind and I can look like a genius to the woman I love.”

Two Lists engages us constantly with its strong mystery, stronger characters, and intricately woven plot. The dynamic duo of Vinn and Malcom are at the forefront of complex twists and turns. While the book can be read as a standalone, I would recommend that readers read the first book in the series to get a deeper understanding of the characters and their backgrounds. As for me, I will be on the lookout for more of Thomas J. Thorson’s works.

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