15 Cheap bookshelves for readers on a budget
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15 Cheap Bookshelves for Readers on a Budget

Cheap bookshelves are the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some of the best inexpensive bookshelves the internet has to offer.

15 Cheap Bookshelves for Readers on a Budget

by Jaylynn Korrell

These cheap bookshelves will save you money for what you need most: more books.

It doesn’t matter what kind of reader you are, if you’ve got books, you’re going to want to shelve them properly. Without good bookshelves, you’ll be swimming in stacks and feeling guilty for buying too many. Don’t let that happen.

Beyond being just an attractive & organized space to feature splashes of different spine colors, bookshelves are an absolute necessity for people who read a lot of books.

Yet, a quick Google search will show you that bookshelves aren’t always the most affordable items.

While expensive bookshelves can be real show-stoppers, there are so many more options available to you. There are plenty of cheap bookshelves to choose from that will look great in both home and office.

While everyone’s idea of cheap is different, I had to draw the line somewhere. $150 is the ceiling for this list, but most of the shelves on it are much less than that. Small bookshelves, tall bookshelves, bookshelves kids would like, and everything in between are featured here. They would make great gifts for book lovers or a nice gift for yourself & your home library. I’m sure you deserve it.

Here are 15 cheap bookshelves that’ll look great in your home or office.

(Everything on IBR lists has been independently selected by a very picky group of people. We may earn a commission on items you purchase through our links.)

#1. Classic Oak Finish Bookshelf

classic cheap bookshelves

If you want classic bookshelf vibes on the cheap, you’ll love this one. It features five tiers, making it a great option for a large amount of books without taking up too much horizontal space.

#2. Modern 5 Tier Bookshelf

cheap bookshelves

This cheap bookshelf has a more modern industrial vibe to it. The sides are a bit open so you might need some cool bookends, but that just sounds like a good excuse to get even more creative with your display.

#3. Tree Style Bookshelf

This tree style bookshelf is one of our favorites. So often people think they need to have a library-esque bookshelf in their home, but it can be just as satisfying to add bookish flare to multiple rooms in your house. Bookshelves like these would look great in a bedroom or guest room.

#4. Leaning Bookshelf

cheap bookshelves from independent book review

A leaning bookshelf is the best way to display your best books and not have it take up too much room. These types of bookshelves look great in living and dining rooms. Try shaking things up and devoting one genre to a shelf like this.

#5. Ladder Style Bookshelf

cheap bookshelves for books and plants

Few things go better together than books and plants, and this ladder bookshelf showcases that effortlessly. Try pairing a few succulents next to new books in a space that gets drenched in natural light. This bookshelf will definitely shine through.

#6. Boxy Bookshelf

modern cheap bookshelves

There’s just something about these oddly shaped bookshelves that make a room pop. They’re great storage options for any space, but when you throw some eye-catching books in there, it kind of beckons you to check them out. We love cheap bookshelves like these because they demand that you get creative.

#7. Standard Vertical Bookshelf

standard cheap bookshelves

If you’re looking to give your large book collection its own space to thrive, this is the one to go with. It is the most standard bookshelf there is and can hold a ton of books. I should know; I have a few of these in my home.

If you don’t have enough books to fill it, you can always display one or two of your best or most exciting books in a square at a time. In the end, this will look like a part of your wall, just like we want out of our home library.

#8. Midcentury Style Bookshelf

This cheap bookshelf is the best option for bedrooms. Sure you can put it anywhere, but it’s that cozy kind of shelf that you can use to quit stacking too many books on your nightstand.

#9. Modern Industrial Bookshelf

industrial cheap bookshelves

We’re bringing back the boxy bookshelf, but this time it’s jagged! Featuring a few steel pieces in its frame, cheap bookshelves like this one can become a real focal point in any room. Could be a good place to put books that guests would be excited to see, because this thing will catch their attention.

#10. Small Tree Bookshelf

A good bookshelf doesn’t have to hold 1,000 books. A good bookshelf has to hold books–however few. This bookshelf is the perfect option for small spaces like desks, nightside tables, kitchen counters, and coffee tables. It’s one of the best small bookshelves we’ve found.

#11. Classic Small Cube Bookshelf

This cube-style bookshelf doesn’t take up too much room either. It could double as a nightstand or a cute mini bookshelf in any room. With such little space you have to be sure you curate the titles in this shelf carefully, but that honestly just sounds like fun to me.

#12. Industrial Ladder Bookshelf

Have a lot of books and have to get skinny with it? This bookshelf has 5 tiers but fits nicely into tight spaces like between your couch and wall.

#13. Classic Cube Bookshelves

Oh, the classic cube bookshelf! People have been using this cube storage in a million different ways since it got here, but it works wonders as a bookshelf. It’s a nice way to fit a bunch of books in one space, and it looks great and clean when lined up side by side. Wall of books? Yes please.

#14. Short 3 Tier Bookshelf

Short bookshelves like this one can go anywhere in the house, but I think they look really great in office spaces. Teachers get a lot of use out of little bookshelves like this one too. It’s a great first cheap bookshelf to own if you don’t have enough books to fill something bigger yet.

#15. Floating Bookshelf

If you don’t want your bookshelf to take up ANY space on the ground, try out these neat floating bookshelves. They get mounted right into the wall and add some elevation and finality to a space.

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