15 Jane Austen Gifts That Fans Will Love

Looking for Jane Austen gifts for the Elizabeth Bennet in your life? Check out this list, Darcy! Fans of this classic author will love the eclectic mix included for every style of fan.

15 Jane Austen Gifts That Fans Will Love

amazing jane austen gifts

Looking for Jane Austen gifts?

I know the feeling! When you’re an Austen fan, it’s difficult not to just make it your whole personality. The swoonworthy romances; the fancy-talk; the Regency dresses & dances; the books, pages, movies, and tv shows! You can fill so many hours with Austen content and transport back in time or fall in love through her stories.

But wait! There’s more than that!

You’re going to love how many awesome Jane Austen gifts exist.

Some of my all-time favorite pieces of Jane Austen merch are in this list, like a purse, a lip balm, and a t-shirt that might be a contender for one of the coolest book shirts on the internet. Any Jane Austen fan would be more than happy to receive one of these gifts.

Here are some of the best Jane Austen gifts for every type of fan!

(PS – We’ve got gifts for writers or gifts for book lovers too!)

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1. Jane Austen Complete 7 Book Set

You know you’ve got to have the books! Even if you already own a couple or more of her novels, this box set features beautiful matching hardcovers that is going to make your bookshelf so Austen-tacious. Try seeing this in your collection and not feeling like you could spend time in that world again.

2. Jane Austen Mug

Nice, classy, and moody mugs are hard to come by. That’s why I cling so tightly to this Austen mug! Imagine it now: sipping this classy mug and reading Sense & Sensibility (again) in your comfiest chair. It just feels right, doesn’t it?

3. Marrying Mr.Darcy Card Game

If you every wanted to role play as one of the women from a Jane Austen novel now is your chance. The Marrying Mr.Darcy Game allows players to work on improving themselves so that they are suitable for one of the bachelors from the novel Pride and Prejudice!

4. Pride & Prejudice Purse

jane austen purse

As far as Jane Austen merch goes, I couldn’t find one more epic and intricate than this Pride & Prejudice purse. It has the look of an actual book and is able to hold a variety of your finest possessions. It’s useful AND gorgeous, making for one of the best Jane Austen gifts on the internet.

5. Jane Austen Playing Card Deck

Check out this classy, beautifully illustrated card deck of Austen characters! It’s a great excuse to get together with your girls for card night.

6. Sense and Sensibility Coin Purse

Want to mix your historical interests with some nostalgia? Here’s a lovely little coin purse for those who want to start being smarter and classier with their change. It’s also the perfect size for rings and earrings.

7. Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag

useful jane austen gifts

There’s nothing like a tote bag for book lovers! A lot of readers carry books around with them and jump at the opportunity to buy new books, so this Austen tote can be as practical as it is classic.

8. Jane Austen Coasters

These Jane Austen coasters are one of my favorite Jane Austen gifts on this list! Each one features the title of one of her books, and they are all so gorgeously designed. They’re great gifts to hand out individually or in a set to one lucky Jane Austen fan. Could be great book club gifts for those hosts who have to deal with a lot of wine glasses!

9. Jane Austen Post Cards

jane austen gifts

Take yourself back to a time when writing was the main way of communicating with people far away. These epic Jane Austen postcards are a very useful Jane Austen gift to give, and can make keeping in contact with loved ones a little more exciting.

10.The World of Jane Austen” Puzzle

puzzling jane austen gifts

Puzzle lovers rejoice! This Jane Austen jigsaw puzzle features graphics from a few notable scenes in her stories. I love the bright illustrations that pop out at you when you finish the final piece–if you ever get to it!

11. Jane Austen Candle

This Jane Austen candle is a chance to infuse your home with a scent that reminds you of beautiful settings. Light a candle, drink your tea, and soak in the comfort of a classic Austen novel for the umpteenth time. English teachers could like having this one around for private reading time!

12. Pride & Prejudice Magnetic Poetry Kit

If your Jane Austen fan also has a way with words, they’ll love this gift. It’s a fun fridge or whiteboard game that asks them to come up with their own poetic prose. It’s a great gift for writers in that way!

13. Pride & Prejudice T Shirt

We love a good book shirt! This Pride and Prejudice tee comes in 2 color options and is a great way to bring a little more literary style to your wardrobe.

14. Sewn Notebook Collection

There’s a good chance that your Jane Austen fan likes to jot down their own thoughts and stories every once in a while. These hand-sewn journals make perfect Jane Austen gifts for diarists & writers.

15. Jane Austen Make-Up Bag

useful jane austen gifts

From your make-up to your pens to your Austen lip balm, this neat little canvas bag is such a unique and practical gift. I love the handwritten quotes on the bag, and the color scheme is pretty special too.

We loved finding these epic Jane Austen gifts that we know true fans will appreciate. For more great literary gift lists check these out.

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