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Book Review: Blood Sapphire’s Revenge

BLOOD SAPPHIRE'S REVENGE by Dr. Bruce Farmer is a calamitous blast full of action. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in their book review of this indie military thriller.

Book Review: Blood Sapphire’s Revenge

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

A bomb waiting to detonate, Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is a calamitous blast full of action.

An emergency room physician, Dr. Bruce Farmer is no stranger to saving lives in a rigorous environment. This knowledge translates well in his debut action thriller Blood Sapphire’s Revenge. This novel extends beyond the horizon for action novels and sets out to push the reader to immerse themselves in the crossfire. 

Blood Sapphire’s Revenge follows Haddy Abrams, a renowned sniper who is still healing from previous trauma. After successfully completing an assassination, she finds herself the target of a serpentine tyrant who is set on adding Haddy’s skull to his collection. 

As she continues to narrowly escape death and torment, she eventually crosses paths with Detective Wolf, an NYPD detective. Their effulgent attraction to each other is imminent and passionate, yet dangerous. As a flame that consumes everything around it, Haddy and Wolf’s temptation may be their saving grace or their downfall. 

The strongest aspect of this book has got to be the masterful control of the pacing. Haddy is met with extreme situations frequently, which leaves the reader completely hooked to find out how she escapes. Rather than a carrot-and-stick style of writing, Dr. Farmer is able to make the readers care about Haddy and her predicament. She’s introduced as extremely complex, almost like a mystery for other characters and readers alike to solve. Using Haddy as a vehicle for most of the story, in my opinion, is a smart choice. 

On the topic of characters, there are quite a lot of them, and it makes the story-world feel whole. I found myself at times rooting for minor characters like Brianna, who serves as Haddy’s foil. Brianna’s cleverness and charms are her main weaponry, which makes her tenacity impressive. It’s typically difficult to control many characters and have readers be invested in all of them, but Blood Sapphire Revenge excels here. 

The overall plot and premise are…incredible. The book covers lots of different professions, people, and places in ways that keep us engaged. There is a lot of expert knowledge in different things that come up in the novel like weaponry, surgery, and even literature. It shows, to me, that this book is written by someone who sincerely enjoyed the process.

I do wish, however, that the descriptions had some more variety. Most of the time, it’s easy to predict how a character is going to react, typically by being nauseous, shaking, or becoming pale. It’s completely understandable to react in such a way when one’s life is threatened, but it can start to feel mundane at times. The female characters in particular tend to react extremely emotionally in comparison to the male characters’ cooler demeanor. 

Despite this, I would gladly recommend this book to thrill seekers who are in the market for loads of action. It’s captivating in just the heart-pumping way you’re looking for. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Military

Print Length: 398 pages

ISBN:  979-8985434309

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