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BOOK REVIEW: Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry

★★★ Check out what Rosie Wylor-Owen of Independent Book Review has to say about this compelling dystopia novel Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry.


Reviewed by Rosie Wylor-Owen

“A compelling dystopia with high stakes and plenty of page-turning action.”

Some say blurbs aren’t that important, but Gold Shadow’s certainly made an impression. After finishing the blurb, I knew I had to read this book. Not only is dystopia right up my alley, but the book promises mystery, characters escaping from slavery, and powerful antagonists to fight against. I bought into the narrative before I even read the first page.

In Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry, an unknown country in a dystopian future is at the mercy of a cold and malicious monarchy. Royalty and the upper class have fashioned a system of slavery in which all those who aren’t born into an important bloodline serve those who are. Dwelling in the shadows are the well-connected and expertly trained rebels, who are determined to sabotage the system and liberate the oppressed.

It is clear from the outset that author L.C. Perry possesses a considerable talent for introspection and blending exposition into the narrative. The protagonists, Ebony and Irene, while from completely different backgrounds, become clear and complex as they venture throughout the story. Ebony’s personal history is particularly tragic, making empathizing with her a truly easy task for the reader.

However, a few aspects of Gold Shadow felt a bit underdeveloped to me, particularly in gaining the reader’s trust and making sure each situation is entirely believable. For example, the rebels appear far too trusting of both new recruits and prisoners, allowing strangers to take a tour of their grounds within a short time of meeting them. In addition to the believability factor, there may also be a few too many characters floating around the narrative. While I am thankful the cast is so diverse in Gold Shadow, the characters do occasionally become difficult to distinguish and only get in the way of our favorite characters: Ebony, Irene, Wyatt, and Harper.

While some of these issues prove a little distracting, Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry is still an extremely enjoyable read. The author is full of clever quips, and the scene endings are enticing, keeping the reader engaged and turning the page. It is clear that the author has natural storytelling talent, filling her plot with high stakes, action, and characters that are easy to connect with.

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