For Authors

Independent Book Review is a writer-friendly, writer-centric, and absolutely writer-crazy promotional platform.

In April 2018, we created IBR to achieve two main things:

  1. Promote awesome small press and independent books
  2. Bring our fellow authors together

With writer-focused content like “3 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue–From Jane Austen” and our always updating author opportunities, we hope to encourage authors not to battle with their fellow bards—but to celebrate with them!

Find their books in our book reviews section and add them to your TBR shelf. Read our emerging author interviews and tell the writer how much you enjoyed it. Or just let your comrades know that you are rooting for them with social media mentions and website comments.

We’re all in this together.

And we want to help.

Emerging Author Opportunities:

Get Your Book Reviewed:

  • Independent Book Review is currently accepting books for potential review. If you’ve written one, we’d love to add it to our files and share it with our reviewers.

Write for Us:

  • We invite reviewers, interviewers, and writers to pitch their contributions to our site. Do you have some insider publishing information to share? We want to hear it! Do you want to review that book you’ve been hearing about? Apply here.


  • We’ve got some talented individuals who want to help your book succeed. Whether you need a high-quality developmental edit, a beta reader, or a book marketing consultation, we’ve got you covered.