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Book Review: The China Declaration

THE CHINA DECLARATION by Brad Good might be the most dramatic and intense book in the The China Affairs series. Check out more of what Jaylynn Korrell has to say in her book review of this indie political thriller.

Book Review: The China Declaration

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

Just when you think Jack can’t rise any higher, he does just that. 

The China Declaration might be the most dramatic and intense book in the The China Affairs series. 

Jack is at his physical peak after going through a vigorous training program, and he’s more than ready to get back to work. As his political position reaches new heights, so does his influence over both China and America. 

But after writing a document that’s sure to go down in history, the whole world has a much better idea of who Jack Gold is and what he’s capable of doing. 

Things finally seem to be calming down for Jack in the beginning of this 4th installment.  He and Jojo have two kids, a beautiful home in China, and he’s put on a few extra pounds of happy weight. But this settled life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As Jack makes efforts to get back to his old self, things are starting to shake up in China. There is a new president in America, and Jack’s father in law’s presidency has also ended. 

These changes aren’t exactly welcomed by Jack, especially since the newly appointed Chinese President isn’t a fan of him and his influence on China. This prompts Jack and his family to make a swift exit to America after their lives are threatened. 

While the new president may have thought that this was a best case scenario to get rid of the Jack Gold problem, he was sorely mistaken. This move and the threat to his family light a fire inside of Jack that is nearly impossible to extinguish. With it, he takes his accomplishment list to a new level as he becomes one of the most important men not just in China but in the world. 

Author Brad Good delivers his most politically intense novel yet in The China Declaration, which is the first book of the series to take place mostly outside of China. While now primarily in the USA, Jack also visits important countries around the world to have them sign the document he wrote, opening up his influence and bringing welcomed change of environment to the series. 

With a mix of social, economic, and historic expertise, Good has crafted a world that feels just as real as the one we’re living in. 

I enjoyed the mix of home and work-life balance that Gold displays in this novel. Jack’s personal life with Jojo gets almost as much attention as his high-stakes, high-reward professional life, and Good makes both portions feel intriguing to read about. 

I love the strength of Jojo and Jack’s relationship in this book and the ways in which they go with the flow of their ever-changing life. It’s nice to see their personal growth as well as their growth as a couple. 

Jack’s take on improving China gets more backlash in this book than any other, which I think creates a more realistic feel to the world. In The China Declaration, Jack is met with important feedback from some of the closest people. Their arguments are valid, and Jack takes them into consideration. Less people are praising him, and it humanizes him greatly. This is the kind of character development I can really get behind. This growth is made even more important because of the new role he is given in the US government too. A position like this could have easily gone to his head, but he takes it in stride and is humbled by the many knowledgable people around him. 

The China Declaration is just the right ending to The China Affairs series. Readers will feel good about the way things play out in this book. Following Jack, his friends, and family through the series ended up being an enthralling experience that I won’t soon forget.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Political

Print Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 978-1732463646

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