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Book Review: Without End (Clifford’s War)

WITHOUT END (Clifford's War) by J. Denison Reed is an action-packed, page-turning crime thriller with surprises at every turn. Check out what Tomi Alo has to say in her book review of this indie thriller.

Book Review: Without End (Clifford’s War)

Reviewed by Tomi Alo

An action-packed, page-turning crime thriller with surprises at every turn

J. Denison Reed is back with another smashing, mysterious thriller.

Clifford’s War: Without End is the second book in the PI Clifford Dee thriller series, but  the novel can also be read as a stand-alone. It depicts the usual corrupt government officials and how readily these events are covered up by people in positions of authority. However, it also conveys the idea that there are still people, such as Clifford and Agent Sims, willing to fight a seemingly endless battle to make things right.

The story continues with Clifford and his crew, this time in Northern Virginia, still working with his former Army Rangers commander. The crew is plunged into a murder investigation after two of them (Sara and Daniel) witness the death of a senator during a stakeout.

While the search for Senator Reeves’ killer goes on, another of the crew (Bailey) takes on a minor copyright case involving a rising rap star. But he discovers connections between a government agency and another well-known rap artist who was about to tour abroad as a cover for having weapons smuggled into Africa.

With each piece of evidence leading to dead ends, hit lists, and targets on the crew’s backs, this case becomes more dangerous and complicated. Will Clifford and his team be able to make it out alive this time? Or will Clifford be forced to watch the death of one of his crew members?

J. Denison Reed does an excellent job with the omniscient point of view here, never disrupting the flow of the story and giving us valuable insight into the thoughts and emotions of each character. It doesn’t hurt that each of them feels so human, either, rather than pristine examples of bravery or heroism. My favorite character has to be the funny, witty, and smart Bailey. Though confined to a wheelchair, Bailey still smiles, makes weird jokes, and does the things that make him happy, even when he feels like an “inconvenience” to others.

The writing style is clear and engaging and remains focused on the mysteries of the plot. The author’s careful attention to detail—not only in terms of the story’s environment and settings but also in the action description—sets it apart from the pack. As might be expected in an action-crime novel, there is some violence and foul language, but it is not overtly profane or graphic.

All in all, Clifford’s War: Without End is chock-full of unanticipated twists and turns, suspense, and just enough humor. If you’re like me, it’ll have you gripped and guessing until the end

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Crime

Print Length: 272 pages

ISBN: 978-1737164043

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