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Book Review: Lethal Keystrokes

LETHAL KEYSTROKES by John D. May is a gripping thriller that explores the way rage and despair can engulf human nature. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say about this indie thriller.

Book Review: Lethal Keystrokes

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A gripping psychological thriller that explores the way rage and despair can engulf human nature

John D. May’s diverse background in science, technology, medicine, and songwriting inspires the magnificent Lethal Keystrokes. After experiencing the Northeast Blackout in 2003, May realized how vulnerable national security truly was, especially in the virtual sphere. For those who do not remember the incident, Lethal Keystrokes recreates and intensifies the fear and uncertainty many Americans from the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions felt in 2003.The novel emphasizes how fear and darkness can create a cesspool of hate.

Lethal Keystrokes follows a plethora of characters who are unknowingly caught in a scheme to cause catastrophic terrorism. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, the FBI and Billy, an online vigilante, must work to fight off a massive attack online and in real life. 

The attackers are smart, strategic, and ready to sacrifice whatever is necessary to enact ideological revenge. Suspicions arise and the race to find the culprits kicks off as the city becomes a playground for the attackers. Each character is driven by their desires, and ultimately, it becomes a fight to see whose ideas will come to fruition.

Not only is the novel gripping, but it draws the reader into a moral dilemma that will have them challenging their preconceived notions of sympathy in an unstable and often cruel world.

The story also offers a different perspective for each character and how they’re tied into the overarching plot. Jenny, a career-driven customer service representative, first seems to derive her self-respect from her ability to climb the ladder within her workplace. As evil creeps in, Jenny finds her own value in creating justice, using her assets not to merely attain more assets, but to serve her fellow person. 

The author’s ability to masterfully include so many perspectives, but still highlight and develop the main characters, is very impressive. Although the plot moves quickly, the logistics and physics are explained clearly so that any reader understands the consequences of any major event.

I enjoyed this book as a whole, but it does seem like a few moments suspend reality in favor of spectacle, especially with some of Jenny’s actions. These moments are few and far between, but they do happen. 

Becky’s relationship with her brothers is a great example of how resentment can fester in a nuclear family. I would’ve loved to see this developed further, but it’s still a great focus. This quick-moving contemporary thriller brings complexity to issues like prejudice, imperialism, and American militarization.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Print Length: 278 pages

ISBN: 978-1989467381

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