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Book Review: My Unique Self

MY UNIQUE SELF by Claudia Feuerstake is a spiritual journey of understanding the unique light within ourselves. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell has to say in her book review of this indie children's book.

Book Review: My Unique Self

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

A spiritual journey of understanding the unique light within ourselves 

Claudia Feuerstake takes a holistic approach to her writing in My Unique Self, diving into the intricacies of self-doubt and how to battle it gently. Through her optimistic characters and their knowledgable spirit guides, My Unique Self guides young people to look deeper and examine their findings. 

When best friends Harriet, Felix, and Priya walk to school together one day, they are filled with excitement for what’s to come. On this particular day each student is able to share with their classmates what it is they wish to do as a career. With big aspirations and excitement, Harriet and Felix approach the front of the classroom and discuss their dreams and how they came to find them. 

However, when it’s Priya’s turn, her excitement turns to nervousness, and it causes her to faint. These few moments of unconsciousness are extended as she awakens in a different world to her two spirit guides, Louis and Cornelia, who have a lot to teach her about energy, confidence, and acceptance. Their teachings provide Priya with what she needs to move forward in her life confidently and with compassion for others. 

The classroom environment is an encouraging beginning setting for this story. As two of the main characters get up to share their dreams, they are met with a teacher who is kind and understanding. They are also greeted with a classroom full of peers who are excited to hear about their dreams, while also being respectful of their time speaking and as supportive as humanly possible. 

Though young, there is a sense of maturity that each character possess that will give children something positive to aspire to. I loved reading about how seriously their dreams were taken and how encouraging their peers were. While not everyone will always be so encouraging, Feuerstake’s display in this book is a great example of both how it feels to be supportive of your peers but also how it feels to be supported by them. 

My Unique Self takes a serious shift when Priya faints and the spirit guides are introduced. Feuerstake does a tremendous job of introducing them in a way that feels both mystical and serious, despite one being an actual dragon. I love their comforting presence in the book and the way that they go about teaching Priya more about herself and the people around her. Priya’s spirit guides offer her a way to cope in the future using affirmations, and they also explain the way people emit energy and how it can translate to color. Louis and Cornelia are excellent guides with a thoughtful and important message to deliver. 

The imagery in My Unique Self is captivating, featuring a wide variety of soft colors winding about each page. On many pages you’ll find colors blending into each other that work together to create a calming feeling while readers flip through the book. The characters are bright, wide-eyed beings that are both inviting and mysterious, making all of the big thoughts they have very believable. Each visual representation pairs well with the overall tone of this story and makes it that much more exciting to read. 

There are many lessons for children to learn in My Unique Self. The spirit guides teach Priya about listening to her inner voice, the light energy that is emitted from each person, and how it contributes to their own uniqueness, as well as how to positively speak to herself and others in times of doubt.

Genre: Children’s Fiction / Self-Esteem

Print Length: 95 pages

ISBN: 978-0578369815

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  1. Ashley Deland

    Absolutely loved this book. The author did a great job at explaining mindfulness and energy for children and parents alike. Great review

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