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Book Review: REACH

REACH by Nate Thurgood is an essential guide to helping you REACH your true potential. Check out what Manik Chaturmutha has to say about this indie author self-help book.

Book Review: REACH

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha

An essential guide to helping you REACH your true potential

Have you really reached your potential? And I’m not just talking about career—don’t forget about personal relationships. Sometimes you’re in a slump, finding it difficult to figure out your next steps. 

That’s where Nate Thurgood’s REACH comes in.

With this book, Thurgood guides his readers to adopt REACH, a developmental framework that helps you maximize your potential and become the best version of your self.

According to REACH, one must work on the Five Focus Areas to optimize their efforts and potential. These Five Focus Areas are Relationships, Career & Finances, Health & Fitness, Intellectual & Spiritual, and Service. One must set individual goals for each of these focus areas and achieve them to excel in all spheres of life.

What makes REACH different from other self-help guides? It believes in the development of the individual as part of a group rather than only on their own. It encourages its users to form REACH Groups—consisting of like-minded people with the same level of aspirations and enthusiasm. Every member of this group would help each other reach their potential by providing quality advice and support.

The book has a great layout. It is divided into eight chapters, each detailing the various aspects of REACH. It starts by guiding the individual, and in the later chapters establishes the individual in a group. This book clearly states the role of the individual in their own life and then their role in group dynamics. 

In between the detailed ideologies of REACH, Thurgood provides glimpses of personal experiences through anecdotes. It gives the book an almost story-like format. The author regales the story of how he came up with REACH and how it helped him through various challenges, be it roadblocks in his career or difficulties in parenting. Each anecdote is accompanied by pictures; this makes the reading experience feel even more personal.

Thurgood’s writing is conversation-like. Rather than just preaching about the ideologies of REACH, Thurgood provides instances where REACH had been helpful. Throughout the book, he talks a lot about his family and his REACH Group and the way he forged his relationships with both. Thurgood provides additional material at the end of the book, which consists of questionnaires for the reader to help them set their core values and goals for each focus area. Therefore, the book breaks down the wall between author and reader.

If you have lately found yourself in a slump and are feeling unsure of which step to take next, this book will be invaluable in helping you get there.

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help

Print Length: 164 pages

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