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Book Review: Motion

MOTION: The Art of Moving Forward by Creating Change by Aileen Sideris is the friendly reminder we need to keep us pushing ahead. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie self-help book.

Book Review: Motion

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

Motion is the friendly reminder we need to keep us pushing ahead.

Readers lacking motivation will find plenty of it in Aileen Sideris’ Motion: The Art of Moving Forward by Creating Change. Nowadays, there’s so much economic turmoil and employment issues. A book like Motion will help readers put an extra pep in their steps with valuable information surrounding goal planning, health tips, meditation, and various exercises.

Motion is about becoming a better person. One major reason people aren’t reaching their goals is because they’re stuck in the same spot. Some people are trapped in dead-end jobs they loathe, or they don’t have one at all. Sideris explains the key to change in our lives begins with our thoughts. One doesn’t change their outer world until they change the inner world in their minds first. Once you implement the new, productive ideas in your mind to physical action, the real fun begins. 

Goal planning can be difficult, especially if one has big dreams like becoming a full-time writer like Stephen King or traveling all over the world. Sideris points out the best way to achieve these goals is to break them down into mini goals. Progress is important, but terribly underrated.

I appreciate how Motion doesn’t follow the hardcore hustle culture. While working hard is important, so is sleep and staying healthy. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with failing. As Sideris has mentioned, one truly fails only if they stop trying. 

Many self-help books focus on work and cutting out distractions. There are only a few mentioning meditation benefits. Motion is one of them. Sideris provides extensive research into how meditation can make a better worker and a better person. It’s nice to see a chapter entirely dedicated to this topic. Meditation, like progress, is completely underrated. 

While Sideris carries an abundance of sources in her book from meditation to inspiring famous figures, it all can be quite overwhelming. All the information is important on its own merit, but a little more organization within its chapters could go a long way in supporting the book’s flow and resonating completely with its readers. 

Motion is a work of progress. One of the best chapters is the motivating figures. There’s nothing more inspiring than reading the stories of Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet, and former president Barack Obama. If they can push through their obstacles, maybe the average person can really do the same. Aileen Sideris’s Motion is a self-help book that can inspire change.

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help / Motivational

Print Length: 311 pages

ISBN: 979-8987166888

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