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Book Review: Holding Superman’s Hand

HOLDING SUPERMAN'S HAND by Amy Katherine is a lighthearted romance with a little sweet sugar on top. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her review of this indie romance novel.

Book Review: Holding Superman’s Hand

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

A lighthearted romance with a little sweet sugar on top

Amy Katherine’s Holding Superman’s Hand is a gentle love story with its own spin on the Hallmark style, set in a vibrant Austin, Texas. The book focuses on a young woman coming of age in the real world: Amy Emerson. 

Amy has a scholarship to her dream college. She’s balancing cheerleading practice, schoolwork, and bartending at night. Her last obstacle to juggle is falling in love with her co-worker: the bar’s bouncer Matthew Abernathy. The more she tries to focus on her college life, the more she falls for him. The problem: Is Matt a real good guy or someone carrying a dark secret? 

Matt’s intimidating demeanor at the bar doesn’t help in Amy’s decision. Raised in a conservative household, Amy has no prior experience in dating and intimate relationships. Despite the nagging in her mind, Amy must follow her heart and see where the mysterious Matt might take her. 

Holding Superman’s Hand employs the classic “ill-tempered male interest with a heart of gold” trope.  It’s often seen in romance novels with grumpy billionaire CEOs and lonewolf love interests. The man with a chip on his shoulder does have a good soul after all. He’s only misunderstood. This trope is well-executed and enjoyable in Holding Superman’s Hand. It’s important for readers to like the romantic lead, and I really did here.

However, there are a few elements that could detract from the strong execution of the set-up. And the first to mention has to be the low stakes. There’s not much really pulling at either of them in order to make the romance stronger. What about Amy’s stresses of balancing schoolwork? Can there be an external problem somewhere, like a former crush, that brings them closer together? I want to float through my romance to a happy ending, but I could have used more tension in this one. The bigger the conflict (and the stakes), the more we can root for the couple as they race through the pages to their happy ending. 

Still, Author Amy Katherine has a knack for unforgettable sweet moments. Not all romance must be extra spicy and intense. Tender moments can be underrated. Readers will love discovering Matt’s true nature and humble origins. The moments when Amy witnesses his kindness are deeply rewarding, especially when considering what was holding her back before coming to college. Maybe she can trust in love.  

This gentle lighthearted romance will be great for avid readers who appreciate young love.

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: General Fiction / Romance

Print Length: 314 pages

ISBN: 978-1639884148

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