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Book Review: Rogue

ROGUE by Tam Derudder Jackson is highly recommended for longtime paranormal romance readers who can’t get enough of handsome, magical fighters with big swords. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her review of this indie novel.

Book Review: Rogue

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

Move over JR Ward and Gena Showalter.

Tam Derudder Jackson is coming for the paranormal romance pantheon. Rogue, her sizzling romantic adventure, is going to have readers missing its story and characters before they even reach the final page. This steamy story gives readers a little extra spice to their romance, and the tale includes characters as believable as you’re going to find with a splash of underrated Celtic mythos.

Rogue begins with Delaney Ferrell, a strong-minded mechanic who’s not afraid to pick up her sword to protect her community. When someone close to Delaney leaves his daughter an orphan, Delaney feels drawn to become the little one’s guardian, but she’s not capable of doing it alone. As a Talisman, she needs a Warrior by her side. The prob- lem: she can’t find one.

Talismans and Warriors go hand and hand like fitting puzzle pieces. The Celtic gods in Delaney’s world play an important part matching Talismans and Warriors as destined lovers long before they are even born.

Delaney thinks she might have found her mate at one point, but the dreadful goddess Morrigan takes care of ending that. Circumstances now bring Delaney to Baz Cormac, a Rogue. Rogues are former Warriors who have taken a different path—one that the right- ful Warriors would frown upon. Delaney doesn’t want a thing to do with Baz, but fate has other plans for them.

Meanwhile, Baz no longer wants to walk the Rogue path and has given up finding his destined Talisman. Thankfully, Delaney shows up in his life and has no plans of letting her go. Once Delaney and Baz get used to each other, drastic obstacles appear testing the strength of their fated bond.

Perhaps what glows most in Jackson’s novel is the characterization. Readers meet De- laney as a fighter through and through. Eventually, Delaney realizes being vulnerable is just as powerful as wielding a sword. Baz’s change comes from the moment he lays eyes on Delaney. She is the hope he never thought he would see coming. From an emotionless rogue loyal to Morrigan to being a Warrior is a satisfying journey on the redemption path.

Rogue is highly recommended for longtime paranormal romance readers who can’t get enough of handsome, magical fighters with big swords. After reading this book, readers are going to be starving for more of Jackson’s tales. There is always room for more magic, adventure, and romance. Jackson knows how to combine those elements and turn them into something delightful.

Genre: Sci-fi & Fantasy / Paranormal / Romance

Print Length: 356 pages

ISBN: 979-8985646702

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