“IBR offers excellent services and support to indie authors. I can’t recommend them enough for their care and professionalism.” — Deborah Adams, co-author of Waypoint

No matter how you publish, you shouldn’t do it alone. From writers’ groups to critique partners to cover designers, you’re going to want a team of fellow book lovers to help you turn your story into an attractive, efficient product for your fans to buy. But where do you find the help?

We know how difficult it is easy to choose your production team. So we went ahead and did it for you. Mirroring the publishing process at a traditional publishing house, our amazing book production team offers nearly all the services you need to publish a book.

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Editing Services

Have you finished your draft but don’t know how to get the most out of it? Sign up for an essential big-picture edit.

Don’t hit the submit/publish button yet! Our editor-in-chief wants to read your book and tell you why or why not it is ready to take the next step.

Guarantee feedback on your manuscript from a group of beta reading professionals.

Clean up your grammar, sentences, and more in this vital second-to-last step in the editing process.

The final step in the editing process makes sure your book is in its cleanest form before it hits the printer.

Design & Marketing Services

We’ve got you covered. Our award-winning designer wants you to fall in love with your own book cover.

Our version of the sponsored book review! Guarantee quotes for your book’s marketing material and potentially be reviewed on our website.

Wrote a book that no one is reading? We can fix that.

Have a few questions about a service? Contact us. We will be in touch within 24 hours.