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STARRED Book Review: Assassins Are Us

ASSASSINS ARE US by Kimberly Van Sickle delivers action, heart, and laughs in equal measure. Check out what Melissa Suggitt has to say in her book review of this Atmosphere Press novel.

Assassins Are Us

by Kimberly Van Sickle

Genre: YA / Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Humor

ISBN: 9781639889433

Print Length: 164 pages

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Reviewed by Melissa Suggitt

Assassins Are Us delivers action, heart, and laughs in equal measure. 

Buckle up for a wildly entertaining ride through family secrets, flirtatious encounters, and dangerous missions in uproariously captivating ways. Hedy Hinterschott is a protagonist you’ll wish was your best friend. 

Hedy isn’t your average teenager. She’s next in line to inherit her family’s centuries-old legacy as secret assassins. Picture this: deadly skills, killer charm, and a hint of rom-com magic. With Hedy and her family at the helm, you’ll want to prepare yourself for this unique combination of snort-inducing laughter and heart-pounding action. 

Balancing a budding romance with Dave, a student in her class and the weight of her family’s destiny, Hedy’s journey is quite the complicated one. Is she meant to carry on her family legacy? Will pursuing Dave affect her focus and put herself, her family, and Dave in danger, potentially exposing their family’s sordid past? Assassins Are Us is a seamless blend of high school drama and covert ops, served with a side of chaotic family dinners that’ll make you grateful for every mundane gathering.

Unravelling the family’s history leads Hedy down a rabbit hole that uncovers an unexpected tie to none other than Hitler and the Nazis. Yes, you read that right—Hitler and the Nazis become intertwined with the Hinterschotts’ story in a way that’ll leave your jaw on the floor and your brain in a frenzy of curiosity. Van Sickle keeps adding layers to the intrigue, too, leaving readers flipping pages faster than Hedy can disarm a target.

Don’t be fooled by the laughs; author Kimberly Van Sickle has a knack for tugging at heartstrings too. The bonds formed among Hedy and her quirky crew ooze authenticity, adding warmth to the story’s action-packed and slightly outlandish core. This book doesn’t just capture the essence of being a teenager; it catapults you into a world where family, romance, and thrilling twists intertwine constantly.

Hedy’s quick thinking, intelligence, and sassiness will win you over faster than you can say “undercover operation.” Just when you think you’ve cracked the code, Van Sickle throws curveballs that leave you gasping and grinning simultaneously.

This book injects a breath of fresh air into the YA landscape, embracing its quirks while charming readers with heart and wit. If you’re searching for a funny thriller that actually keeps you guessing, snag a copy of Assassins Are Us. It boasts a sure-fire recipe for enjoyment: humor, excitement, and a heroine you’ll be rooting for long after the final page.

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