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Book Review: A Love Story: Forgiveness & Prayers

A LOVE STORY: FORGIVENESS & PRAYERS by Mary-Eisa is a warmhearted guide to forgiving yourself & meeting people where they are. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in her book review of this indie spirituality book.

A Love Story: Forgiveness & Prayers

by Mary-Eisa

Genre: Nonfiction / Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 9798218193546

Print Length: 140 pages

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

A warmhearted guide to forgiving yourself & meeting people where they are

Mary-Eisa shares nuggets of spiritual wisdom in Forgiveness & Prayers: Steps to Heal from Family Trauma. Though we never hear of the author’s own family trauma, it is with purpose. If we are going to truly forgive ourselves, we must recognize that, “The past was over and gone. It could not hurt [us] again.” So we should let it go.

In addition to sharing tips on forgiving yourself and others, Mary-Eisa shares prayers to help you strengthen your relationship with God and to recognize what it means to truly see, communicate, and believe in your own next step.

“Forgiveness is the puzzle piece that can become the hardest because it isn’t as easy as saying you forgive, waving a magic wand, and walking around feeling like you achieved it.”

The author’s prose is scintillating and warm. I’m always engaged as the author navigates the pushes and pulls of the spiritual self. The book doesn’t pretend that what you’ve done or what your neighbor has done isn’t wrong; instead, it meets each person in their present moment and gives them every chance to do something special, meaningful, loving, or beyond.

“I will always be traveling on an endless journey of learning.”

I really appreciate the ways in which Mary-Eisa uses nature to find her own equilibrium and to pass the opportunity off to readers. It’s available for all of us, as long as we look to the ground, sky, trees, and all around us. Appreciating nature with spirituality & mindfulness can help us open up every moment and recognize that all we can be is here. As a new parent, I found Mary-Eisa’s comments on the importance of parenting true and uplifting.

While there are bright spots aplenty in this book, it does feel as though we remain vague for a bit too long. It can begin to feel repetitive as it covers repeating topics like forgiveness, mindfulness, and giving yourself to a higher being and to love. I appreciate that the book deliberately chooses to refrain from the author’s familial trauma, but it can feel at times like we’re going to get the information later (but never do), and, without it or many other defining traits, we don’t get the chance to really know Mary-Eisa. And without knowing her, it can feel like we don’t have grounding for our own real-life decisions. There is also a section in here likening rape to being ridiculed, which feels a bit dismissive of the weight of that issue for many.

All in all, Forgiveness & Prayers is an inspirational book geared to help you find peace within yourself and within your world. 

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