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Book Review: Forgiveness by M. Lori Torok

FORGIVENESS: Journey to a Clear Place by M. Lori Torok is a wonderful guide for anyone struggling to forgive themselves and others. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie spirituality book.

Forgiveness: Journey to a Clear Place

by M. Lori Torok

Genre: Nonfiction / Spirituality

ISBN: 9798988105701

Print Length: 274 pages

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

A wonderful guide for anyone struggling to forgive themselves and others

Forgiveness is tricky. Could you forgive someone who got away after damaging your newly purchased car? Your best friend having an illicit affair with your significant other? Sometimes people go through such troubles by merely saying, “I forgive you.” Is it enough? 

Author M. Lori Torok presents forgiveness as more than a verbal exchange and a pat on the back. People will believe they have moved on only to still feel negative emotions about the past. Torok’s book, Forgiveness: Journey to a Clear Place, reveals forgiveness is more than a surface-level issue; it’s a spiritual one.

Torok has been through a series of challenges. She had a conflicting childhood with her mother, who would give her silent treatments and leave her in the snow to teach her a lesson. Although Torok has grown enough to forgive her mother, the memories still bothered her spirit.

She has created Forgiveness to help people going through similar troubles. Inside are solutions, including visualizations, meditations, and other spiritual exercises. There are also portions where readers can journal about their situations. Since journaling has its own psychological benefits, this is a fitting choice. Torok is experienced and clear in her approach. 

Forgiveness comes at a good time as well. The pandemic led to a surge in mental awareness and self-care needs, and employees are finally prioritizing themselves over too-demanding jobs. With mental health clarity comes an open-mindedness to confronting their traumas and internal struggles. A book like Torok’s Forgiveness can aid the healing process, especially for those willing to accept and approach their spirituality. 

Most books commonly suggest reflecting on their past troubles, forgiving, and moving on. Is that really the end though? Torok suggests that negative feelings—shame, anger, and guilt—could linger long after what has been done. The answer to real forgiveness is forgiving ourselves. It’s a breath of fresh air to approach this topic in this personal way.

Torok does such an excellent job discussing all facets of spiritual healing. Readers with a deep relationship with spirit and metaphysics will love Forgiveness. Healing is not easy. It can take years to heal and grow from their emotional & spiritual wounds. Forgiveness is one of those books that put newfound knowledge and strategies to the test with exercises. With action, the real healing process begins.

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