So Good They Call you a Fake by Joshua Lisec book review
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Book Review: So Good They Call You a Fake

SO GOOD THEY CALL YOU A FAKE by Joshua Lisec is a helpful guide from a prolific ghostwriter to show you how to supercharge your sales. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in their book review of this indie business book.

So Good They Call You a Fake

by Joshua Lisec

Genre: Nonfiction / Business / Writing

ISBN: 9798988347422

Print Length: 170 pages

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

Write a book. Teach a course. Supercharge your sales with this guide from prolific ghostwriter Joshua Lisec.

Strap in, business owners. This book is coming to teach you about your next step. To show you that you don’t have to be the best kept secret in your niche anymore. That it’s time to break through. 

Joshua Lisec has ghostwritten 80 books, many of them for business owners. He’s helped them elevate their authority on their subject and turn readers into clients so income can skyrocket. Now, in his first by-name nonfiction book, he’s sharing what he knows so you can do it on your own.

So Good They Call You a Fake was kind of the exact book I was waiting for. I’m a business owner. I work in books. I wanted to learn how to write one so that I could help people and lead them to my business. 

And Lisec starts with a bang. Reading these opening chapters had me radiating with excitement. Soon, I would encounter what my book would be about and how to structure it from the Table of Contents on. The writing, as you might expect from a prolific ghostwriter with a title like this, is smooth, clear, and fun. It’s remarkably easy to pick up and breeze through thanks to Lisec’s conversational style. 

Thanks to this book, when I’m done writing the book on my business, I will have stepping stones laid out for me so I can turn to teaching a course and coaching. This book puts dollar signs in my eyeballs and shows me the pathway to making it happen. If you’re a business owner looking to double or triple your income, the tips & tricks in this book could be real game-changers for you.

My excitement in the early-goings kept me enthralled, but I did start getting antsy and longing for more specifics in writing and publishing my book after a while. The answers do come, and they’re specific and well-structured when they arrive. I’m excited to work on them because of that, especially my title & Table of Contents. But the answers do pass by a little quicker than I had hoped, before moving on to courses and coaching. I exit the book smarter on the topic than I entered, but with such a lengthy lead-up, I was hoping for more in-depth tips on writing into the funnels & promoting once the book is published.

Lisec uses humor and punchy sentences and paragraphs to complement his style, and it works well for a majority of the book. But there are times when some of those punches are directed at specific industries (like traditional publishing and personal development) that can feel a bit unwarranted and alienating. 

Still, I’d be very surprised if you read So Good They Call You a Fake and didn’t learn something valuable. And I mean valuable very literally; increasing your income with a book feels so possible after reading this.

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