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Book Review: Here in the Not Yet

HERE IN THE NOT YET by David Spaugh is a tale that blends the real with the nightmarish. Check out what Akram Herrak has to say in his book review of this indie psychological thriller.

Here in the Not Yet

by David Spaugh

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Psychological

ISBN: 9798374364569

Print Length: 214 pages

Reviewed by Akram Herrak

A tale that blends the real with the nightmarish as a protagonist aims to overcome trauma and tragedy

David Spaugh’s Here in the Not Yet might be a psychological thriller, but the genre denomination doesn’t exactly do it justice. The thriller elements make up perhaps 30 percent of the story, and while they are crafted masterfully (more on that later!), it’s the other parts of the book that make it unique and worth your time. 

I would not declare Here in the Not Yet an easy or casual read. It has strong themes, can be graphic, and often instills feelings of deep unease–not that I’m complaining! I like a book that can give me strong emotions, but it is definitely something to keep in mind for those seeking out breezy mystery-thriller fiction.

The story opens as our protagonist (Ben) and his father (Mr. Knight) are departing on a road trip like they used to do when Ben was a child. A wholesome and thoughtful conversation is tragically cut short as a car accident in the middle of the rain puts the trip to a sudden stop, claiming Mr. Knight’s life and traumatizing Ben for life, seeing his father dying in front of him and being unable to do anything to help. The story resumes with Ben trying to find a new job in New England, living with his supportive wife and expecting their firstborn in a few months. 

A morning jog is the last thing one would expect to disturb the fates, but that is exactly what happens, and the result is a thrilling journey that beautifully combines what is real with what is imaginary. Traumas from the past resurface and take form. How Ben reacts to them will define not only his fate, but his loved ones’ as well. This constant blend between two worlds lends the story an incredible sense of danger. It doesn’t care for reality or emulating it; it emerges out of the dark and makes its presence known, and with it comes everything that Ben has underneath. 

David Spaugh writes about trauma, death, separation, fears, and more in a way that makes them your own. I’m struggling to think of a book that I’ve read in the last few years that resonated with me quite as much as Here in the Not Yet did. Ben’s traumas and fears register even for those who can’t relate to it on a personal level; it’s quite an achievement. After this, I’ll gladly read anything David Spaugh writes.

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