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Book Review: Not Your Mama’s Bible

NOT YOUR MAMA'S BIBLE by Pasha Tay is a motivational self-help book for those looking for a shocking jumpstart to a better tomorrow. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say about this indie nonfiction book.

Not Your Mama’s Bible

by Pasha Tay

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help

ISBN: 979-8987283523

Print Length: 312 pages

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

Candid and humorous, NUMB is the self-help book for those looking for a shocking jumpstart to a better tomorrow.

 NUMB, or Not Your Mama’s Bible, is a direct self development book with the goal of challenging readers to seek out a more productive, joyful life. 

As Pasha Tay, the author, puts it, NUMB “is distinct from your typical self-help book because it doesn’t tell you what to do” and does not sugarcoat. Rather, it functions as a sort of conversation between Tay and the reader, as an honest dialogue about life and the choices we make. Formatted into separate chapters that can be read chronologically or fragmented, NUMB covers some of life’s greatest complexities. 

Within the 21 chapters, Tay addresses topics such as fear, love, relationships, work, and more. After every chapter, Tay includes a section called “Instead of Evening Prayers,” that includes questions for the reader to reflect on. It offers different idioms, anecdotal evidence, and even social media content to form a general idea. This allows for an interactive reading experience, elevating my enjoyment of the book. 

There is a lot to like about NUMB. The biggest and most important thing for me is the tone; when Tay warns that he isn’t going to hold back, he means it. Prose such as, “If you regret not impressing anyone, it’ll be your damn self,” sticks heavily with me. The idea of impressing oneself is not something I’d ever come across, and I appreciated how well it is explained. Thanks to Tay’s perspective and style, I was able to grasp each concept introduced easily and take something away from it, even if it didn’t relate to my current experiences. No matter where one is in life, NUMB can provide something new to explore and be motivated by. 

Another aspect that I enjoyed was that it doesn’t set forth any unrealistic goals or measures to aspire to. Instead of presenting self-care routines that may be costly or recommend regiments that are time-consuming, NUMB focuses on what the average person might need. Ways to set boundaries and remove garbage, for example, are all things that people struggle with. If you’ve been seeking an introduction into self-help, NUMB functions well as a beginner-friendly book.

While I really appreciated NUMB, I struggled with occasional periphrasis in the book. When talking about the Irish Exist, the first three paragraphs feel relevant while the remaining four can feel redundant. Since the book really shines with straightforward advice, presenting the same idea in so many different ways can bog down the reading experience. I also had some questions in areas which could have been expanded upon, like when Tay mentions leaving behind friends who are takers, constant whiners, etc. How do you deal with the fall out? What do you do when that friend has grown and is interested in re-entering your life?

I would recommend Not Your Mama’s Bible to anyone stuck in a rut. It feels like a raw heart-to-heart conversation that will stay with you for a long time.

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