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Book Review: Requiem for a Queen

REQUIEM FOR A QUEEN by Kaylin McFarren is a captivating story of love, struggle, and a mother's fight for her son. Check out what Manik Chaturmutha has to say in her review of this indie fantasy novel.

Book Review: Requiem for a Queen

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha

A captivating story of love, struggle, and a mother’s fight for her son

Kaylin McFarren conjures up a mind-boggling fantasy world with Requiem for a Queen.

Samara Daemonium is a Nephalem, part-demon and part-angel. Pregnant with the son of Lucifer, the King of Hell, Samara is determined to escape his armies. All she wants is for Papillon to grow up as righteous and kind, away from the demonic influence of his father. 

With the help of Onoskelis, Samara manages to keep him hidden from Lucifer for six years. But when the power-hungry Queen Lucinda intends on gaining the throne of hell and kidnaps Papillon, Samara is forced to fight.

Intent on the quest for her son, Samara must reckon with the Witches of the Eternal Flame, a mighty dragon named Vetis kidadl and the demon hunter Botis. But a mother’s instinct to protect her child is fierce and burns bright. Requiem for a Queen makes the reader perceive the alluring influence of evil and the tremendous power of love.

The novel has an exemplary narrative, and the author makes it easy to visualize the paracosm she created. The vivid descriptions of black crows, demon hunters, Nephalem, angels, and other mystical creatures enrapture. The bloodshed of the Red War and the tortures of hell are also described in great detail. 

The plot expounds on love, chivalry, the importance of family, and the alluring nature of power. Samara’s love for Papillon and her instinct to protect his soul from evil are heartwarming, a rare featured in a novel with so much darkness. Damien’s love for Samara and the unity of the Nephalem family even has its own share of heartwarming feelings. 

The novel portrays several powerful female characters. Onoskelis is a clever shapeshifter, Eva Lena is a loyal sprite, and Storm Eunice is a skilled Demon Slayer. Samara is a loving mother. She is bold and unflinching in the face of danger, and Queen Lucinda, although evil, is a force to be reckoned with.

Samara’s journey helps her gain a better understanding of her powers and her identity as a combination of good and evil. She shows admirable strength of character when she is forced to return to hell and the manipulative presence of Lucifer. 

The verse given at the beginning of the book adds a poetic element to the book. It provides an admirable synopsis of the entire course of events detailed in the plot. “Skies filled with swords, bows and arrows on both sides, Lucinda seeks power, and all it provides,” adequately captures the violence of the Red War to come. What an intriguing way to start this book! But the beauty might not hit you until after you’ve finished the whole thing. Readers who enjoy occult and fantasy will love Requiem for a Queen.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy / Occult / Horror

Print Length: 341 pages

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