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Book Review: Wind Out of Time

WIND OUT OF TIME by Rhema Sayers is a funny, whimsical, and adventurous fantasy retelling of King Arthur of Camelot. Check out what Chika Anene has to say in her review of this fantasy novel.

Book Review: Wind Out of Time

Reviewed by Chika Anene

A funny, whimsical, and adventurous fantasy retelling of King Arthur of Camelot

While on a wild chase after a wanted terrorist, FBI agent Andrea Schilling unexpectedly finds herself tumbling through a portal leading to 5th century Britain where the ruler of the land is King Arthur. However, something’s not quite as it should be, as the kingdom Andrea finds herself in seems to be the exact opposite of what she remembers from the popular tales about King Arthur. 

For starters, the king’s name is Ardur, not Arthur, and he is far from the mighty king he is meant to be. He is rather demanding, spoiled, immature, and negligent of his kingdom, which consists of people who are mostly starving and unkempt.

Not having any idea about how to return to her time, or if she’ll ever be able to, Andrea decides to roll up her sleeves and get to work in the king’s kitchen, throwing out the useless cook in the process. Nevertheless, there’s much more that needs attention than the king’s food preferences, and soon he gives Andrea an offer she cannot possibly turn down. 

Wind Out of Time by Rhema Sayers is a fast-paced novel with a lot of funny dialogue, especially between Andrea and King Ardur, and a comfortable atmosphere reminiscent of the popular TV series Merlin

While I enjoyed the pacing of the book in some places, like being introduced to different characters or reading humorous dialogue between characters, it can be difficult to connect with the romantic elements.The relationship between King Ardur and Andrea develops a little too fast. Since Wind Out of Time incorporates fairy tale elements, I can see the temptation for a quickly developing romance, but this ends up feeling rushed and difficult to get invested in.

Andrea is quite a likable protagonist. She isn’t your typical damsel in distress but rather the assertive, no-nonsense type who takes orders from no one, not even the king, which is one of the many reasons why he falls in love with her. 

What I enjoyed most about Wind Out of Time is the character development. As King Ardur gets to know Andrea, he becomes more assertive, more willing to see the flaws within his kingdom and more willing to improve them. There are a number of important themes discussed in the book, too, like arranged marriages. 

The characters, scents, and places are described with such vividness that I feel like the one who fell through a portal into a fairy tale.

Due to the short chapters, this is a book most people will have no problem flying through. Despite the rushed romance, it’s still without a doubt a book worth picking up.

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Fantasy / Historical

Print Length: 434 pages

ISBN: 978-1639881413

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