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Book Review: The Tail of a Trio

THE TAIL OF A TRIO by Katherine Scott is a thoughtful “tail” of three pups and their journey to friendship. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell has to say in her book review of this indie children's book.

Book Review: The Tail of a Trio

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

A thoughtful “tail” of three pups and their journey to friendship 

Three dogs from different walks of life find their way together in this uplifting story of friendship and understanding. Author Katherine Scott has written a book that will show children empathy, compassion, and the benefits of meeting people, or dogs, where they’re at. 

With a sensitive and fun writing style, Scott’s The Tail of a Trio is a book we could all learn a little something from.

Some dogs are just special. If they’re lucky enough, they find a group of dog friends that they can share their joy with. That’s what happens in The Tail of a Trio, though the road   to get there isn’t exactly an easy one. 

As each dog has to overcome their specific obstacles, Scott gives the readers hope. We know from the beginning that something  amazing is in store for each one. 

Addie is the first dog we meet. She is assisting her human, a therapist, in providing comfort to the people they serve. She acts as a main character in this book and does the job perfectly. Her unique situation as a therapist’s dog and assistant is an intriguing story to follow. I loved reading about the lessons she learns from doing the work she does. 

Through Addie’s experience as a therapy dog, she learns about understanding and compassion, which she’s then able to use with people and fellow dogs. After moving to a lake house, Addie sees that there are two neighbor dogs that she can play with. But she quickly finds out that not everyone is as open to playing as she is.

Rue, a brown hound who comes from a tough situation, is the second dog that we meet in this trio. After being abandoned she develops trust issues and a strong feeling of isolation. Soon enough she’s brought into a loving home with new humans who vow to never leave her, but she still struggles to believe that to be true. Just as she’s beginning to feel at home, her humans bring home a surprise that Rue isn’t too sure about. 

Bee is a friendly dog that grew up in a pound. She suffers from a bit of anxiety from dealing with the generally loud and chaotic environment she lived in previously, but she is excited to finally be adopted into a good family. That all changes when she sees that Rue, her new sister, isn’t exactly excited about her arrival. Feeling confused and alone, she’s excited to find out that a new neighbor has moved in next door. 

This book is brought to life by the gorgeous illustrations on each page. The illustrator Sarah Gledhill is able to portray an array of emotions through the eyes of the dogs she draws, and it truly enhances the reading experience. They look truly joyful during their happier scenes, and the tougher scenes feature illustrations that really show their sadness. Readers will feel an instant connection with each dog because of the illustrations in this book. 

The Tail of a Trio is a heartwarming story and a joy to read. Each dog in this book brings something to the table that makes them as lovable as I imagine they’d be standing excitedly right in front of you. Readers will love to see just how these dogs manage to create a lasting friendship. With an inspiring message and lovely visuals, this is a story that children and adults can enjoy together.  

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Children’s Picture Book / Pets

Print Length: 38 pages

ISBN: 978-1639884018

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