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Book Review: The Infernal Games

THE INFERNAL GAMES by Reed Logan Westgate is an urban fantasy tale brimming with magical thrills. Check out what Chika Anene has to say in her book review of this indie fantasy novel.

Book Review: The Infernal Games

Reviewed by Chika Anene

An urban fantasy tale brimming with magical thrills

Xlina is a descendant of what Japanese legend refers to as a “Baku.” Although she looks like any regular teen on the outside — and wishes to attend college in peace like one — Xlina possesses rare magical abilities that prevent her from having the normal life she craves. 

She can devour nightmares while she sleeps. Nightmares that soon begin to bleed into her reality.

After she fails to shake off a Cephylopod, a demonic entity from the Otherworld, in a nightmare due to ichor that sticks to her and ends up in the real world, the creature tracks her down and starts tailing her roommate, Amber, to make her its next target. 

“Imagine finding out that all the creatures recounted in hushed whispers around the campfires were real…”

In attempt to solve her problem, Xlina joins forces with an exiled necromancer, Oxivious,  who teaches her more about the Otherworld and her magical abilities. She soon finds herself on the run from a demon by the name of Valeria who has marked her and wishes to use her as a pawn in a twisted, demonic chess game against another entity.

Xlina has no choice but to obey Valeria’s every demand, and each step adds yet another agonizing stain to her soul which she is in a fight to redeem.

The characters in The Infernal Games are fleshed out extremely well. Everything from their histories to their banter creates enough intrigue to propel a reader to find out more about them.

Even though this is primarily in the urban fantasy genre, it doesn’t stop it from being quite humorous at the same time. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments that readers will appreciate, especially since you’re already being plunged through the never-ending thrills.

The worlds and creatures are painted with such depth that it’s hard to put the book down.

The main character, Xlina, is smart and funny and carries herself courageously.  Xlina’s roommate, Amber, is also a character with some real depth, but a few side characters tend to lack roundedness. The snappy exchanges between the main character and Amber at the beginning give readers an insight into what kind of character she really is.

There is no doubt that readers will enjoy turning the pages of The Infernal Games. This is an extremely delightful read. Reed Logan Westgate has created something worth being proud of here. Highly recommended for individuals looking for their next urban fantasy adventure. 

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Adventure

Print Length: 432 pages

ISBN: 979-8640508635

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