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Book Review: The Power of Wellbeing

THE POWER OF WELLBEING: A blueprint for rebuilding the social fabric and reimagining an inclusive society by Clive Elliott is an intelligent examination of global politics. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in her review of this indie nonfiction book.

Book Review: The Power of Wellbeing

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

An intelligent examination of global politics 

Some books cover one subject. The Power of Wellbeing covers the whole world. The earth, the people on it, the ways in which they are governed—author Clive Elliott spares nothing. This well-written treatise inspires action whether it be on the ground-level with everyday readers or on the macro-level with political and global leaders. There’s something to glean from it for everyone.

With a good heart and a solid foundation, this book aims to unite us before we reach the sixth extinction of our planet. What can we do to help the earth thrive well into our great-great-great-grandbabies’ lives? How can we protect each other from global pandemics, racism, mass violence, divisive media, and all the other ways in which our world feels like it’s collapsing around us? 

Clive Elliott’s got his finger pointed at New Zealand, the island country out in the southwestern Pacific. Yes, he lives here, so this helps his perspective. But when he asks us to look at it closely, when he mentions all of the ways in which they are going about their improvements, we can recognize that there are some things that other countries (like the United States) should really consider adopting.

What I like most about The Power of Wellbeing is the vast information we receive. If you want to learn more about current events, the climate crisis, and global politics, you’re bound to exit the final page of this book with facts, knowledge, and keen insight. It also helps that so much of it is geared toward New Zealand, a country willing to be accepting, critical, and active in seeking solutions.

As a whole, this book is useful and chock-full of things that readers should know. 

It has loads of good information with a voice geared toward improving humanity—undeniably a good thing—but much of this does kind of feel like the ideal scenario—one that is easier said than done. And with no mention of New Zealand in the title, subtitle, cover, or book description, I felt a bit taken off guard that so much of it is geared toward that country specifically. In terms of its structure, singular chapters cover a wide variety of topics rather than always separating the topics into their own chapters. Because of this, we’re asked to retain and categorize a number of different topics during the reading process. This could cause some information to slip through the cracks.

The Power of Wellbeing has a whole lot to offer. Listen up if you’re ready to instill change and play your part in a better world.

Genre: Nonfiction / Global Affairs

Print Length: 235 pages

ISBN: 978-0925776501

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