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Book Review: The Art of Lifelong Customers

THE ART OF LIFELONG CUSTOMERS: The Field Guide to Growing Profitable and Fulfilling Customer Relationships by Mihaela Akers is packed with essential information. Check out what Manik Chaturmutha has to say about this indie business book.

Book Review: The Art of Lifelong Customers

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha

This book is packed with essential information.

Mihaela Akers’s The Art Of Lifelong Customers details the art of having good customer relationships for the long term. The depth is in the details in this book. The author thinks of business as a beautiful and authentic practice and shows you how to do the same.

Akers provides valuable knowledge from experience and shares information on several facets of marketing and relationships. The Introduction shows us her interaction with a customer, a visible cue to the power of a healthy customer relationship that can make or break your business. She then shares an anecdote from her childhood and, with it, carefully illustrates customer relationships in the modern world.

There are a number of important topics discussed in this book, including attracting better customers and helping them feel special and comfortable enough to come back. She details the importance of treating customers with respect and consideration. 

The book also talks about different types of customers and how to handle them with care and build an emotional connection. It talks about how keeping customer relationships is a strong form of direct-marketing and covers email & permission-based marketing lists.

According to the author, “Information is to a business what light is to a dark forest.” And this book provides that information. 

The power of this book lies in its execution and its information. Akers skillfully incorporates anecdotes and personal experiences into the book, making it easy to get invested in her as much as ourselves. The friendly tone feels like talking to a friend. The author does not simply write the do’s and don’ts, but she backs it up with analytics, good examples, personal experiences, and proper research.

Akers employs psychological theories and breaks mentioned points into sections with extra tips and tricks. It makes the information easy to digest. However, we may repeat things a bit too much in a few instances, making it feel repetitive—like the same thing is written, just differently. But other than that, there are no hard edges.

The Art Of Lifelong Customers is packed with information and threaded with personal tales. This book will engage readers and provide much-needed advice. People who have a business or provide any services will find this book extremely useful. Even if people do not have a business currently, they can still glean tips on how to make good connections and market themselves in the future.

Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Marketing

Print Length: 196 pages

ISBN: 978-1737153511

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