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Book Review: Whole Body Prayer

WHOLE BODY PRAYER by Yan Ming Li is a tall glass of water for the parched soul. Check out more of what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie spirituality memoir.

Book Review: Whole Body Prayer

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

A tall glass of water for the parched soul

Yan Ming Li’s spiritual memoir Whole Body Prayer is an absolute treasure. Li is no stranger to hard times, yet his book is filled with encouraging moments for those who feel less than they should in this world.

Yan Ming Li was born and raised during the Maoist China era. There was little freedom, people toiled endlessly in factories, and food was strictly limited. Li’s parents had little time to spend with him and his siblings, as they were busy working 10+ hour days to make sure their children were fed. While Li had a few precious moments, particularly with his father, he ended up at the end of constant abuse due to all the household stress. But throughout it all, Li managed to find the sunny side of his daily life. 

Li eventually was introduced to the Light, an inner guide to everything in his life. It told him where to go and whom he will meet. It is the qi inside every one of us, our natural energy system. Li uses this unique energy to heal people. His special service leads Li to his first mentor, first love, and move to America. Li goes through some ups and downs, each a thoughtful lesson readers can reflect upon. 

Whole Body Prayer is incredibly inspiring and spiritually magical. The book reads like Yogananda’s The Autobiography of a Yogi and Kosta Danaos’ The Magus of Java. A warm wave of peaceful energy emits from the pages of Li’s memoir.

Whole Body Prayer reveals an important message: we all have a gift to share. Li’s gift was his qi. Not only does he use it to help hundreds of people, he reminds others that they can heal themselves. Li didn’t come from a poor household and rose to abundance (mainly spiritual) by selling a valuable invention or becoming a movie star. He used what was within him. He didn’t need external forces to gain the life he deserved. 

Many people feel they lack something. This belief may come from not getting the job of their dreams or dating a specific person. Meanwhile, they had it in them the entire time. Like Li, we all have a gift of some sort. Some of us are born builders, writers, healers, and more. Each of us has a natural gift to help mankind. Whole Body Prayer is a wonderfully-written reminder of it. 

Although The Whole Body Prayer is a short read, it’s uplifting and worth the time spent. Li’s journey is straight to the point. With the Light, Li wants to use his timeless teachings and abilities to bring us together. We all need a book like Whole Body Prayer during eventful times. It will give readers peace of mind and the power to keep moving no matter what happens out in the world.

Genre: Nonfiction / Memoir / Spirituality

Print Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 979-8985131512

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  1. Enjoyed your review : )

  2. Don’t you think that the section of the book about the author’s name appearing in a Book of Prophecy written many years ago,
    reads like fiction, rather than fact? When I read that part of the book, I began to wonder if this method is legit, or just a knockoff of the popular classic qigong method called Zhang Zhaun.

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