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Book Review: As Thick as Thieves

AS THICK AS THIEVES by Kieron Holland is a thrilling heist set in medieval England that captivates. Check out what Manik Chaturmutha of IBR has to say about this indie historical novel.

Book Review: As Thick as Thieves

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha

 A thrilling heist set in medieval England that captivates

As Thick As Thieves has it all—an infamous thief, a heist, high stakes, the race against time. Along with its intriguing storytelling, the novel expresses a strong message of accepting our true selves and letting go of things that stop us from doing that.

James is a retired thief turned locksmith. He left this thieving life behind and took up a job doing this to fulfill his duty toward his wife Clarice. And in this process, he leaves part of himself behind. But one day when his friend Cohen asks him for help with the quest, his monotonous life changes. This quest brings them to the mysterious blue diamond, o’ Osiris—the diamond they have to steal from the most closely guarded thing in the country. It is a life-or-death situation.

The heist starts with a simple objective but quickly turns into an arduous task. Surrounded by an old lover and a mysterious new countess, James desperately searches for the diamond while the line between friends and foes blurs. As people start targeting James and as the number of enemies get higher every day, James swears to find the gem at any cost. Oh, how he missed the thrill! The chase brings him closer to confronting the struggles of saving his marriage and accepting his thirst for adventure and thrill.

Action scenes in this book have been described vividly, and this indeed makes it a delight to read. Every scene is detailed, and there is never a dull moment. As well, the nuggets of knowledge from James’s mother are an interesting addition. His recollection of words that his mother used to say adds a positive note to his character, which is already fully fleshed. 

It is refreshing to see such a flawed and human character struggling with his emotions and decisions, wants and duties, and trying to make things right. The humor of the side characters, like the banter between Cohen and Reg, add to the experience. But don’t forget about the fast-paced plot and, most of all, the tavern maid. I loved witnessing the layers of her character as they unravel throughout the book. 

As Thick As Thieves utilizes both first and third person point of view. The only drawbacks here are the abrupt changes in these views, which can cause some confusion. Though there is no doubt that the women in the book are respected, what can be bothersome is that every woman in the story is introduced through her sex appeal. Also, the statement, “No one can understand women” appears in several forms throughout the book. We could have benefited from the women characters growing beyond their exotic and seductive natures.

As Thick As Thieves is an action-packed, gripping, and dramatic story that exudes the strong message of choosing one’s own heart and dreams. The ending ties everything in a nice knot and leaves us satisfied. Adventure lovers who want a thrilling read of a gripping heist and a perfectly flawed MC can love this book. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Historical

Print Length: 389 pages

ISBN: 978-0645393101

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