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Book Review: On the Tip of Her Tongue

ON THE TIP OF HER TONGUE by Jerry Roth is a fast-paced mystery thriller that begs you to look into your past. Check out what Kiersten Adams of IBR has to say in her book review of this mystery thriller novel.

“Book Review: On the Tip of Her Tongue”

Reviewed by Kiersten Adams

A fast-paced mystery thriller that begs you to look into your past

You never know what’s been locked away in the recesses of your memory…that could change your future.

Author Jerry Roth ushers us into the uneven mind of Judy Macklemore, a writer whose passions have been sidelined. Instead of writing, she’s busy figuring out who she is, who she was, and what exactly happened to her.

With the help of her hometown friends Maddie and Cal, Judy goes on an expedition to reclaim the memories she’s lost and uncover the truths she might have been forced to forget.

While she explores her hometown unveiling clues left behind, Judy comes to dire realizations about the life she thought she lived. Was her life as a married & successful publisher even real? Or was it a facade perfectly created by Johnny, her esteemed writer husband?

On the Tip of Her Tongue moves along at a quick pace, and readers are constantly searching for the answers to mysteries begging to be unraveled. There are no dull moments in Judy’s story. By the third chapter, I feel a deep kinship with her and root for her to come out unscathed, as I’m sure any reader would. She’s likeable and up against a really difficult obstacle here. Roth’s sublime ability to paint a detailed picture only helps pull the reader deeper into the mystery.

While the story moves quickly and the mystery keeps us engaged, there are moments that get lost in the descriptions and take away from the overall storytelling. Other characters are also itching to be developed as deeply as Judy has here. Readerly attachment may have been a bit stronger if we better understood the other characters and their willingness to help. There are a few chapters later in this story where the length starts to become more of an inconvenience than a relief as well. Rather than expanding on the situation, we’re given snippets of incomplete scenes and ushered along the plot line.

However, this pick-up-the-pieces mystery is still plenty engaging and fun. The realistic dialogue and strong description provide for a deep immersion in scene, and the thrills keep us on our toes. If you were a Nancy Drew fan when you were younger, this adult spin could leave you feeling satisfied while playing along with the mysteries and, this time, excavating the truths of psychological trauma.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Print Length: 298 pages

ISBN: 978-1736980415

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