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Book Review: Interrupted Dreams

INTERRUPTED DREAMS by Silas Caste is a dizzying thriller inspired by true events. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say about this indie suspense thriller novel.

Book Review: Interrupted Dreams

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

A dizzying thriller inspired by true events

Silas Caste is not only the author of Interrupted Dreams but a survivor of abuse himself. Fusing his own experience with the heart and soul of this novel, Caste takes control of the narrative and portrays the truths of domestic abuse against men, a far less common storyline in fiction.

We open with Caste’s protagonist, Justin, searching for a significant other in his navigations of everyday life. During a chance encounter, he meets Angela, a single mother who is also looking for a romantic relationship. It looks to be a good match.

However, as their relationship develops, Angie’s behavior turns destructive and virulent. Their once hopeful romance now rests on the delicate balance of Angie’s temper. Soon, Justin finds himself a prisoner in his own home. Accessing his free will proves to be a tumultuous endeavor, one that could prove to be fatal.

Something’s off, he muttered in his thoughts. The coincidences were feeling less coincidental” (149).

Interrupted Dreams deviates sharply from run-of-the-mill thrillers and crime mysteries, especially in its fusion of memoir and crime mystery. The true nature of the story, mixed with the drama of strong fictional storytelling, makes this novel as impactful as it is thrilling. 

Each character comes alive and feels tangible under Caste’s pen. Justin, for example, comes off initially as a little unlikeable and difficult to connect with. Angie, on the other hand, is responsible and sweet. As the two characters meet, our initial readerly impressions dissolve to show Justin and Angie’s real interior. While we are grappling with this, the underlying mystery threatens Angie’s control. Caste masterfully executes the murder mystery aspect of this novel. I’m unafraid to admit that I was caught by surprise a few times.

“On a day as bright as that afternoon, the blues of Angie’s iris were so thin one would think they didn’t exist” (105).

The novel’s ending will leave a lot of readers reeling, but the story does take a while to get there, especially due to the exposition. While it’s imperative to show the developments of this abusive relationship, there are a lot of scenes and details in the beginning of the novel that slow the narrative down significantly. Without these momentum-stopper scenes, this one would have had the makings for a stronger fast-paced read.

Fans of murder mysteries will get what they’re looking for with Interrupted Dreams—with a little something unique sprinkled in. This story dives deep into how abusive relationships can bubble under the surface and how pressure can force an irreparable chasm. Interrupted Dreams proves to be a great read that’s made greater by the author’s candidness about his experience.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Murder

Print Length: 326 pages

ISBN: 978-0578311890

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