The You Beyond You by Ramzi Najjar
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Book Review: The You Beyond You

The You Beyond You by Ramzi Najjar is a motivational self-help book for those who are searching for some self-awareness, some self-care, and some self-kindness. Check out what Liam Anthony of IBR has to say about this indie author book.

“Book Review: The You Beyond You”

Reviewed by Liam Anthony

Insightful and life-affirming

The You Beyond You: The Knowledge of the Willing by Ramzi Najjar is a book of motivational nonfiction that endeavors to transform lives. In its pages, Najjar proves to be a diligent thinker as well as an assiduous and clear communicator about topics that might just spark change within.

The book opens with contemplations on how the writer used to think and behave. A time before he applied any spiritual practice to his daily life, this opening section is peppered with insights on how we are influenced by the hyperbole of the media, how we accept our poor nutrition, and how easy it is to remain addicted to social media. Aiming to break you of the habits you no longer want, he presents his paradoxical ideas with fervor.

“We have become a melting pot of negativity, accumulating bad habits and bad food, yet we essentially remain optimistic dreamers.”

While the book appears in the self-help style, this one reads a bit more like a manifesto: part social observation, part anthropological analysis. His comments toward the media and communication make for insightful reading, especially due to such precarious times. The opening chapters and their assertions and revelations give the impulse to continue reading, especially as the author provides such convincing dialogue about our need to change.

The fourth chapter of the book is almost the backbone of Ramzi Najjar’s thinking. He references biology and psychology relentlessly, and for some readers, this may be quite abstract. The reader is asked to absorb elaborate information that combine scientific explanation with digestible examples.

The author encourages his readers to become active agents. Rather than simply reading this book, we are compelled to change and put these impactful ideas to practice. “We could soon discover that we have mostly used our preconceived thoughts to build walls and not bridges.” Not only does the book work on the informational and motivational level, but his voice is ever-clear as a writer. We become acquainted with him, particularly in the latter half of the book, and it brings a real life into perspective.

The You Beyond You asks us to contemplate the world and the people around us. It combines objectivity and observation with hype and motivation to make a lasting effect on its audience. For those who are searching for some self-awareness, some self-care, and some self-kindness, The You Beyond You is a gift that can show you the way.

Genre: Nonfiction / Motivational

Print Length: 192 pages

ISBN: 979-8690646639

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