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Book Review: Eyes from Above

EYES FROM ABOVE by Howard R. Milsted Jr. is a remakably sweet tale of love and loss. Check out what Independent Book Review has to say about this indie author title.

“Book Review: Eyes from Above”

A remarkably sweet tale of love and loss

Chivalry is alive and well in Eyes from Above! by Howard R. Milsted. Equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, this romantic novel tackles topics like companionship and non-physical relationships after losing the one you love.

Named after the author, widowed protagonist Howard Milsted opens his narration with a touching story about Claire, the love of his life, and the single piano key that isn’t quite working. As she battles cancer, he fights desperately to try to fix the broken key, but when nature takes its course and steals his wife away from him, readers meet a pained man in search of a seemingly impossible happy life without her.

After Claire’s death, Howard slides into a deep depression, but two years later, when his family takes him on his first road trip without her, he’s met by Claire’s apparition who is as happy to see him as he is her. He enjoys every moment walking around an amusement park with the only woman he’s ever loved, only to be left alone again, with one piece of advice: Don’t rush to join her. Enjoy yourself. She’ll be there for him whenever his time comes.

Following these much-needed moments with Claire, Howard embarks on a new life in non-physical relationships with women who can’t help but appreciate the sweet man readers come to love over the course of the novel. When he’s not spilling strawberry shakes on himself, he’s sending flowers and doing all he can to make the women who want to be with him happy. And as a reader, I couldn’t help but smile right along with them.

The most touching aspect of this novel—beyond Howard’s infectious kindness—is his relationship with thirty-year-old Delilah. With heartbreak lingering around every corner, conscious that a romantic relationship can’t last, this relationship relays moments of genuine and heartfelt love to the reader. There’s never any denying why Delilah is with Howard and how they both benefit from being with one another, regardless of their age difference. Howard’s relationship with her is worth the price of admission on its own, so make sure you grab your tissues and sniffle your way through scenes that you’ll be better off knowing.

While I had a wonderful time getting to know Howard’s story, Eyes from Above! isn’t without its flaws, too. First and foremost, there are more than enough proofreading errors throughout the book that can be distracting at times. But beyond these issues, the writing itself (particularly in the beginning) encounters a few clarity issues along the way. But in such a quiet book of love and kindness, these flaws can be easily forgiven as the story offers a reading experience filled with overtly positive emotions.

Overall, Eyes from Above! offers more than enough reason to pick it up. This sweet, romantic story toes the line of grief, sadness, and moving on with such care. This novel comes recommended for those who don’t mind a few typos and for those who are looking to fall in love with a soft, kindhearted man in search of companionship.

ISBN: 978-1640453951

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