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Book Review: Might and Valour: Legacy of the Kingdom

MIGHT AND VALOUR: LEGACY OF THE KINGDOM by John Cristobal is a fantastical battle of honor and revenge. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell of Independent Book Review has to say about this indie author title.

“BOOK REVIEW: Might and Valour: Legacy of the Kingdom”

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

A fantastical battle of honor and revenge

The characters in Might and Valour must decide what’s more important: their own agendas or the survival of their city. Author John Cristobal packs a sharp punch with his debut fantasy novel.

Living in the aftermath of a plague that caused major damages on crops and human lives, most of the people of Atoranth are just glad to be alive. Many of the citizens died, and the cause of the plague still holds mystery. While that mystery remains curious to most, Josiah holds a secret that could implicate someone he loves dearly. But his secret takes a backseat when Justus, Josiah’s steward, is murdered. After Josiah leaves his home to pursue the killer and find justice, he must take detours to save his own life and the lives of the people he meets along the way. There, he discovers just how strong and heroic he can really be.

With action-packed battles and sky-high stakes, Might and Valour takes the reader on a journey that will keep your blood pumping. Changing from one setting and group of characters to the next, this book requires you to pay close attention, but it’s not hard to follow once you’re in it. Similar to Game of Thrones, this book challenges you to keep up with its ensemble cast with the reward of a good story. After a few chapters, you’ll begin to recognize how the varying points of view adds suspense to an already suspenseful story.

Not only are we intrigued by the unique characters introduced, but the creatures the people come in contact with bring a whole new element to this novel. Giants, gigantic birds, and oversized sea horses all make incredible and dangerous appearances throughout the book. Cristobal sprinkles obstacles like these in, presenting both believable and realistic issues for our characters to overcome.

Josiah is an excellent main character for this story, but I most enjoyed the minor characters Cristobal brings to life. Short-lived characters have traits that make them memorable and linger well beyond their scenes. He shows that every character has some rhyme or reason for why they act the way that they do, leaving no character in a one-dimensional role. Their backstories, though sometimes short, are insightful and makes the reader wish that everyone could come out victorious—except for Domitian, the primary antagonist. But be warned, Cristobal isn’t afraid to kill off his characters. There are many great ones to choose from in Might and Valor, so pick your favorites, cross your fingers, and watch their tales unfold.

Keeping us entertained with love, loss, and an exciting world, Might and Valour: Legacy of the Kingdom proves to be a truly thrilling read.

ISBN: 978-0578504636

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