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Book Review: The Journey to Oclesedor

THE JOURNEY TO OCLESEDOR by S.L. Wyllie is the second book in the YA fantasy series The Legacy of King Jasteroth. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell of Independent Book Review has to say about this indie author title.

“Book Review: The Journey to Oclesedor”

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

A magical journey toward truth and justice.

If you’re looking for action, magic, and adventure, The Journey to Oclesedor has got you covered. This second installment picks up right where the previous book left off: Princess Ariella beginning her journey to her family while evading the evil King Jasteroth and his lackeys as they try to take over Ariella’s realm.

The princess knows she’s in for trouble when she first ventures out into these unknown lands, but there turns out to be way more evil than she was ever aware of.

Jasteroth’s right-hand man, Decius the Unfallen, awakens Haldoron the Bloodlust, an evil winged monster, to help capture the princess and bring her to the king. But the Black Magic Sorcerers are always on her tail as well, ready to fulfill their own evil mission. Along with her royal guard, Princess Ariella hits the road, ready to test her powers and inner strengths against evil—and maybe even against her inner circle, too.

The most intriguing part of this book is the relationships. Can they trust each other, or can’t they? And why is her new love interest Austin acting so indifferent and distant? Wyllie does a great job of maintaining that mystery throughout the novel and giving the reader just enough information to let them keep pulling for characters to succeed even when they don’t know what’s best.

As Princess Ariella begins to doubt the people within her alliance, she develops more of her own powers as a means of protection. She starts this book as a sheltered and inexperienced young woman, but throughout this journey, she trains with a mentor in order to access her full potential. But it doesn’t come easy.

As she discovers more of what she is capable of, she is also asked to put her new powers into action. Enemies approach them from all directions, and Ariella must show her strength both as a magical being and as a main character. She has all the makings to be the ultimate good or evil, so it’s an engaging narrative to see what she’ll end up doing with it.

The downside to The Journey to Oclesedor is that its conflicts can become a bit repetitive. Ariella and her members of the guard often make the same mistakes that previously got them in trouble, so after a while, I want something new to break the story open. The group is composed of smart individuals, so why aren’t they taking enough caution, sticking together, and being the capable heroes we want them to be?

But don’t get me wrong. This book is an altogether enjoyable one. If you’re looking for magic, mystery, and betrayal, The Journey to Oclesedor could be an excellent new pickup, especially since that means you can get on board for whatever Wyllie comes up with in book three.

ISBN: 978-1687772664

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