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Book Review: The Lord of Long Shadows

THE LORD OF LONG SHADOWS: Knights of the Fallen Realm, Book 1 by M. Anderson is the YA fantasy adventure that you'll love to read at any age. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell of Independent Book Review has to say about this indie author novel.

“Book Review: The Lord of Long Shadows”

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

The perfect storm of Game of Thrones meets Alice in Wonderland.

The Lord of Long Shadows is the Young Adult book you’ll wish you had as a kid—but the one you’re happy to return to at any age. With magic, loss, bravery, and epic battles, this first book in the Knights of the Fallen Realm series comes out swinging—and hits.

20-year old Alex Winters is an orphan and a waitress. She lives in a trailer and does everything she can to live a quiet, reclusive life, but one night, she saves a man from being beaten up. And the next day? She is transported to the sea of a completely new world: Aquillon. There, she starts the first of many battles to survive; in this world, lowly humans are abused, thieved, and treated like pests. In order to free humanity (and herself), she must embark on a journey with a few friends and discover her true role in this life.

M. Anderson creates a vivid world in Aquillon, offering a swift reminder to readers of how fun it is to imagine. There are no slow chapters in this novel, and no chapters lacking in absorbing detail. The author makes it a point to use every page to keep you in the mindset of this journey, whether it’s with ornate description of the ever-changing landscapes, of unique creatures, or of the currently captivating storyline. Fascinating animals like upright lions, goat warriors, and imaginative hybrids stand in the way of our main character’s goal and keep the reader enthralled with each next step.

Anderson creates a strong and unyielding main character in Alex Winters. She’s got Boston sass and a will power sure to inspire you. After outliving her parents, she thought that navigating early adulthood alone would be hard, but when she’s in Aquillon, she discovers that she must conquer every impossible task, that she is sure to fail and make the wrong choices, but in the end, it’s up to her to push forward and lead her friends toward the safety they’d never imagined they’d need.

Whether you like Young Adult fantasy adventures or not, I’m confident that The Lord of Long Shadows will win you over like it did me. If you’re looking to reignite your creativity and get inspired with a new adventure, jump into this first book. And when book two is coming out, you can wait in line with me.

ISBN: 978-1733190800

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