A Seat for the Rabble by Ryan Schuette book review
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Book Review: A Seat for the Rabble

A SEAT FOR THE RABBLE by Ryan Schuette is a political fantasy with some epic worldbuilding. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie fantasy.

A Seat for the Rabble

by Ryan Schuette

Genre: Fantasy / Epic

ISBN: 9798988598602

Print Length: 468 pages

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

Masterful storytelling and epic worldbuilding make this a must-read for fans of political fantasy.

Ryan Schuette weaves a complex world of political intrigue, class conflict, and the pursuit of power in this enthralling epic fantasy. 

Set in the richly imagined world of the Kingdom of Loran, the story begins with the death of King Hexar, throwing the realm into a tumultuous struggle for succession. The novel follows the compelling journeys of various characters amidst this chaos, each with their own ambitions and agendas.

At the heart of the narrative is Jason Warchild, the illegitimate son of the late king. Despite his uncertain origins, Jason is driven by a noble purpose: to bring equality to the people of Loran by reestablishing the long-lost Wing of the Commons. This endeavor sets him against powerful, shady adversaries who wish to maintain the status quo and protect their privilege. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a thrilling journey as they witness Jason’s rise, fraught with challenges and dangers.

Princess Lorana, the steward of Loran and half-sister to Jason, adds a compelling layer of complexity to this tale. As she grapples with her loyalties and responsibilities, Lorana becomes torn between family and duty. Her internal struggle and determination add great depth to her character and make her a heroine well worth rooting for.

As the plot thickens, we meet two enigmatic characters, Drexan and Zur, on a quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding a legendary prince prophesied to return to Loran. Their pursuit takes them through the shadows of the kingdom’s history, leading to unexpected revelations that hold significant consequences for the future of the realm.

One of the many strengths of A Seat for the Rabble is the relevant themes reflecting modern day issues. The intricate political landscape, mirroring our own challenging political systems, reflects the power struggles seen in today’s world. Furthermore, the novel delves into the pressing issues of class conflict and social inequality, drawing parallels with contemporary societal challenges.

Ryan Schuette’s writing style is rich and immersive, drawing readers into the vividly detailed world of the Kingdom of Loran with its knights, magic, and powerful griffons. The intricate character development and the diverse plot keep readers engaged and invested. As the narrative unfolds, the book mixes in plenty of action and suspense too, reminding me of the Game of Thrones series. With its well-developed characters, intricate plot-lines, and reflection of contemporary issues, this book is sure to appeal to hardcore fans of complex epic fantasies.

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