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Book Review: The Moon’s Eye

THE MOON'S EYE by Blake Miller is a refreshing fantasy with dynamic lead characters. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie epic fantasy.

The Moon’s Eye

by Blake Miller

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy

ISBN: 9781088142325

Print Length: 442 pages

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

A refreshing fantasy with dynamic lead characters

YA fantasy fans looking for their next adventure will be plenty satisfied with Blake Miller’s The Moon’s Eye. It’s just the type of fun you’re looking for this summer—a feast for the imagination. 

Cynthia and Kaden are twins born to different parents. Both carry magical powers they use to fight the forces of evil threatening Earth and their magical world. In this second novel of the DELOS series, the twins discover the Lil of Lurkur is missing. Cynthia and Kaden must find the legendary Seventh Water during the Quest of the Six Waters to save the Lil. Nobody has ever retrieved it in the past 6,000 years. 

One thing that stands out about The Moon’s Eye is its genre-bending elements. The novel initially carries out a strong traditional fantasy feel with a group of magical kids in academic settings (like Harry Potter). Suddenly, the story takes its readers out of nowhere, presenting extraterrestrials, pirates, fairies, and much more. The Moon’s Eye is a fantasy novel with a thrilling dash of sci-fi. 

Readers don’t have to start with book one to enjoy this DELOSuniverse. Miller does a decent job of making sure new readers understand the world. He includes so much detail about the magical roles and systems that the story-world feels as palpable as our own.

The characters in The Moon’s Eye are as exciting as the story. Cynthia and Kaden go through a lot throughout their journey searching for the Seventh Water, and their development is always on point. Cynthia grows as she learns about her Virzorra (witch) abilities, and Kaden’s powers include a terrifying Devil’s Fire recorded in magical history as one of the most frightening abilities ever to be bestowed. With all of it coming down to a mere teen is a mighty responsibility. 

Readers will wish that the adventures in Moon’s Eye never end. Getting lost in this story is time well spent. Cynthia and Kaden endure so many challenges with their friends, and the tasks they have to complete can be both deeply challenging and downright frightening. 

Miller is an excellent storyteller. His ability to juggle the story’s adventurous pace along with the worldbuilding is quite admirable. It can be complex, but it’s not enough to go over your head.

Readers will be eager to see what Miller has next for his magical twins in the world of DELOS. Fantasy readers tired of the same-old, same-old will feel revived with The Moon’s Eye.

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