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Book Review: The Yawning Gap

THE YAWNING GAP by CV Vobh is an epic fantasy with inspiring worldbuilding and memorable characters. Check out what Alexnadria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie fantasy.

The Yawning Gap

by C.V. Vobh

Genre: Fantasy / Epic

ISBN: 9781961425064

Print Length: 450 pages

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

You are lucky to have stumbled upon The Yawning Gap.

In this first book of The Wanderers Cycleseries, author C.V. Vobh takes readers on a grand fantasy adventure filled with much action and intriguing lore. The story may not seem like much in the beginning, but it’ll soon light up like a rising firework show.

The world outside of Cor Volucre’s homeland is falling apart. The divided lands, called Boundaries, have been using sacred energy as their own. It all stems from the dying Elementals. If they all perish, the world Cor knows, including his beloved home, will cease to exist. Cor gathers a special stone helping him step through Boundary lines, gathering new companions along the way, and coming closer to his goal of saving the world. 

For anybody who loves epic fantasy lore, Vobh serves the perfect dish. The Elementals in Cor’s world are deeply respected gods. The idea of these otherworldly beings dying would cause anyone great distress. The world wouldn’t be much without them. The deeper you dive into this novel, the more you get the chance to truly discover the Elementals, like the “Fossils” they leave behind. Vobh shares so many intricate details that you’ll forget they’re not real.

One of the best traits of The Yawning Gap is the developing friendships of Cor, farmer girl Brayleigh, royal orator Celeste, and the famed Knight-Lord Deliad. Each character comes from distinctly different backgrounds, and some even had conflicts with each other. But with the weight of a dying world on their shoulders, they know their friendship can make a greater difference. The companionship closely resembles the bond of the Fellowship from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Their bond grows the closer they get to Mt. Doom. 

At last, one can’t read an epic fantasy without epic action scenes. Vobh has written so much action that it’ll keep readers flipping the pages like nobody’s business. There are some parts in The Yawning Gap where everything gets weighed down and a tad slow though, too. The prose can get repetitive in these moments. As soon as your eyes drift from the pages, Vobh has this magic of snapping your attention back to life with swords clashing and magic colliding. 

The Yawning Gap is a fantasy deserving of much attention. Vobh’s world is inspiring and the characters more than memorable. The book breathes new life to the fantasy genre.

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